So You Think You’re A Big Chicken Now?

Yesterday we were at a USDAA trial that was held up here in Canada and someone mentioned that Fae always looks much larger in photos than she does in person, because there’s often nothing (such as a banana) for scale in photos.  So here’s Fae next to a chicken; if you know anything about chickens, then now you know how small Fae really is.

Though she be but tiny, she also be a Great Big Beeyotch.  Pound for pound, she’s a hard ass.  She’ll take on a rooster, if she thinks the rooster needs to learn a lesson.  Not that the rooster ever learns his lessons; so far he has successfully beaten up me, Auntie Michelle, and my landlord.  He really is not a very nice bird at all!

But he has not beaten up Terrence, my Personal Body Guard Turkey.  Terrence will beat up the rooster if the rooster tries to beat me up and Terrence is close enough to get involved.  I really, really like my turkey a lot.

He (with the help of his lady turkeys) made me seven baby turkeys who are right now in the a brooder on top of the washing machine.  Although one has gibbled feet, so I’m not sure he/she is going to make it … but dang, are they ever the cutest!!  I tried to get some photos, but shooting from above next to a red heat lamp just makes for lame photos.  I’m going to try and shoot them under studio lights in the next week while they are still itty bitty.  And cute.  Did I mention they were cute?  They’re almost as cute as HARVEY MY GOAT.


I love him so much!!  Michelle and I took turns bottle feeding him today.

He’s a big fan of feeding time!

Michelle’s mom is going to make him some fancy collars.  And I’m going to give him a bath because I think he needs to smell better, and not leave dirt on my hands after I pet him.  And I pet him a lot … after milk time, he climbed into my lap like a little dog and fell asleep having a cuddle.  I’m all a-swooning for my goaty baby!

This newborn goat was also cute:

And very tiny, like the size of Fae (see chicken above for scale).  But she is not Harvey, so she is not as cute.

Harvey isn’t allowed to come home until he drinks water from a bucket, which he is so far refusing to do.  Also he needs to be banded so his, umm, manly bits don’t come with him.  My landlord offered to grab the band and let me do it, but I don’t want Harvey to have to go into therapy because his mommy made his nuts fall off.

This is the cow that sometimes comes into my yard.  Frankly, she scares the shit out of me.  She’s just too damn big.  And she looks pissed off all the time.

We had a really nice, chill day just hanging around the farm with the dogs.  Addy did some gardening.

While Wootie did perimeter patrol for potential threats (and judging from the look of him, may have snuck out back to smoke a joint).

And TWooie took first watch.  And he took it seriously.

If the yard was fully secured in terms of fence, I think the WooTWoo would like nothing better than to spend their days out there just keeping an eye on things.  They are great little farm dogs, for their size, and they love just hanging out and surveying their property.  But the yard is not quite securely fenced, as evidenced by this pointy little face staring at me from the WRONG side of the driveway gate:

So clearly, beefing up the fencing needs to move up the priority “to do” list.  I also really need some ideas for making the front fence some kind of privacy fence, because it’s hard to enjoy the yard with the dogs when they ALL make a beeline for the fence line, barking their fool heads off, every time someone walks by.  We are quite near a popular (on leash) park with horse trails, so there are a fair number of people walking or riding by on nice days.  I was thinking of buying planks a couple at a time, whenever I have an extra couple of bucks to throw at it, until I have amassed enough of them to build horizontal slats from post to post with a very minimal gap in them, so people can’t see the dogs and the dogs can’t see people.  I just don’t want them pissing anyone off, because I have a lot of dogs, and all of them are loud.  Any other suggestions?  I probably have a couple hundred feet to do, so it will take me a long while to buy enough planks.

Dexter does not rush the fence.  Especially when he’s getting Auntie Michelle cuddles.

He likes those so much his feet don’t even touch the ground!

Except when he’s doing his impression of an ottoman.

Piper remains … slightly senile

Peetie remains annoying.

And Winter is sitting at the foot of the washing machine, staring at the brooder and wishing baby turkeys would fall into his mouth.

Happy Easter ya’ll!

It Goats Better

(yes, I can spell)

Auntie Michelle and I did our first walkies of the year yesterday at Pitt Lake.  I had the Cabin Fever real bad, since I’ve been off and on snowed in for most of a month.  Ugh, winter.

Not this Winter, who ears what you ear, and ears many other things besides, if those dumbotrons on his head are any indication.

I actually like the snow (soooo much better than muddy feets!), but I just wish it wouldn’t strand me on the farm so often.  They finally plowed the main road, and the driveway has packed down and is now driveable, so I was keen to get out and do an epic New Year walk .  We had a lot of fun, but I didn’t take very many photos because they turn out the same as taking them at home.  Everything is brown covered in white.

Like here is FaeFae standing on a frozen lake, but you wouldn’t know that if I didn’t tell you that.

And Dexter running through the brush, which may as well be my yard for all you could see the difference.

And Pesty Peetie posing on the dyke, which may as well be the river behind my house, except for the mountain in the background.

Wootie found a Really Big Stick, but it’s from the same kind of trees we have at home, so ….

But everyone had fun, and ran themselves to sleep after almost three hours of meandering around the lake – so first goal of 2017 accomplished!

Second goal of 2017 accomplished this morning when I (*insert drumroll here*) signed the leash on my new place!


Those of you on Facebook already know this, but I found a new home.  I am SO EXCITED!  It’s an old three bedroom house (rooms!  I will have REAL rooms!) on an 18 acre farm that is filled with

(wait for it)


Goats goats goats!  Big goats!  Little Goats!  Baby goats! Grown up goats!

MY NEW LANDLORD GAVE ME A GOAT AS A HOUSEWARMING GIFT!  I named him Snorfles.  I have no photos of the goats because I was so excited I plain old forgot to take any. Not even a photo of baby Snorfles because I was too busy cuddling him.  My stepdad practically had to pry him out of my arms and make me leave. But I did get a couple of photos of the property with the phone.

This is my new house and the front yard.


The side yard, and you can see the garage (currently houses horses) where my poultry can live.  Or my car.  Priorities, you know.


Here’s a view of the back of my house and garage-thing from the other end of the property where the landlord lives.


The inside of the house needs a lot of work done, as it’s old, and the current tenant hasn’t done anything to it.  But my landlord says if I do the work, he’ll pay for the needed materials.  And it has a wood burning stove in it too!  I predict Addy will be vacating my shirt and living on a dog bed next to the stove.

My new landlord is the nicest guy.  I had posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a new place to rent – it’s how I found the place I’m on now, seven years ago, so I figured it could work again.  And it did!  He hadn’t advertised this house yet and he said when he saw my advert he thought “PERFECT.”  He doesn’t care how many dogs I have.  And when I suggested I might get a donkey he said “OH MY GOD, YES PLEASE!”  Could this be any more wonderful?

The property is much more rural than where I am now – my current location is a pocket of pseudo rural in a fairly developed neighborhood.  The new place is way out in the boonies.  And SO QUIET.  Michelle and I creeped my new house and hood yesterday after our walk and I stopped the car, rolled down the windows and made her listen to the sound of NOTHING.  It’s going to be so great!

I’m so relieved that we will all have a new home :)  Thank you all for putting it out there in the universe for us!

(This is a random photo of Wootie who looks like how I feel right now)

So.  Who wants to help me move?  ;-)