What the heck is Mr. Woo anyway?

Don’t ask me!  We have no idea.  He has been called an English Shepherd, a Papillon mix and even a Kooikerhondje.  He is probably a “miniature” Australian Shepherd or mix, but he is definitely 100% strange.  Mr. Woo is like no other dog on this planet.  It’s best not to try to define him :)  Mr. Woo came from a shelter, where he was surrendered for digging under and climbing over the fence in his previous home.  The shelter in turn transferred him to That’ll Do Border Collie Rescue, and I fostered him.  He never left!  Wootie came with the unfortunate name of “Ricky” but I quickly renamed him Tricky Woo, for the Canadian indie band.  He acquired the “Mr.” portion of his name thanks to my ex boyfriend, who feels all dogs should be greeted formally – it stuck, and he became Mr. Woo .. aka Wootie, WooHoo, Woodles, Noodles, WootieMac and sometimes HEY GET OVER HERE!

What about your other dogs?

Well, we DO know what they are.  Tweed, who passed away in 2015, was a Border Collie X Australian Shepherd who was adopted from a private border collie rescuer in Washington.  Piper is a single breed border collie I adopted from the SPCA and Dexter is a border collie X giraffe who was born in rescue.  TWooie is Woo’s brother!  The seasonal terriers are JRT mixes, Addy is an Italian greyhound who didn’t get the gene for legs, and Fae is … a “bonsai border collie.”

How do you pronounce TWooie anyway? And why is the “W” always capitalized?

Like the number “2” with an e on the end … 2E, if that’s easier to remember!  It’s spelled TWooie because he is just like Wootie, but slightly rearranged (or slightly deranged maybe!).  Things his name is not:  TOOTIE, T-Wootie, Twootie …

What kind of camera do you use?

I usually shoot with my Canon 20D.  This is a DSLR “prosumer” camera body that accepts a variety of lenses and other accessories.  **UPDATE** I am now shooting with a Canon 30D – because the 20D has gone to the big sensor in the sky.  Many thanks to random guy on the internet, Ian, who sold me this gently used 30D for a very good price so I could continue to photograph things! **ANOTHER UPDATE** I now shoot with a Canon 7D and will never go back!



Can I get photos like yours if I have a camera like yours?

Probably not … because you don’t have Woo :)  But if you’re interested in Woo, drop me an email.  Every other day or so I’m ready to sell him.  Just kidding.  If you want to take excellent photographs you need a good eye for your subject, and when you are shooting dogs, generally a fast camera and a fast lens so you can get clear, crisp action shots.  I’m always happy to give readers tips on photographing their dogs!  Just remember to have fun, because dogs are funny and that’s what makes them so enjoyable to photograph!

Do you photograph other people’s pets?

Yes I do!  If you are interested in booking a session with me, visit my website for more information or message me for more information on rates and how to book.

I saw a random photo of my dog on your blog.  Can I get a copy of it?

Of course!  Message me and I will send you a copy.  I don’t charge for photos you didn’t ask me to take!  And if for some reason you don’t enjoy having a photo of your dog on my blog, feel free to message me and I will remove it!  Sometimes I just randomly shoot pictures at dog parks and sometimes the photos end up getting blogged, but I won’t leave it up if you don’t want me to.

If I see you on the street, what should I call you?

Most people who stop me on the street/at the dog park etc just call me The Food Lady.  My real name is Sheena, but I don’t mind if you call me The Food Lady either.  You should also feel absolutely free to give Mr. Woo a cookie and to ask Dexter for “Hugs and Kisses” as he likes very much to give people both of those things.  Piper may press herself against your knees and Tweed will probably ignore you – don’t feel bad, as he often ignores me too.  Just watch us in the agility ring some time, and you’ll see what I mean ;-)

I was just kidding.  Do you really get recognized?

Yes, I do!  Or more correctly, my dogs get recognized, and I get acknowledged after the fact.  Lots of strangers introduce themselves to me having recognized my dogs from 3WAAW blog.  All I ask is that if you see me laying on the ground sobbing and swearing about something Wootie has done, let me pick myself up and dry myself off before you come to chat.  But we do love to meet fans, so never hesitate to say hello!

Do you sell 3WAAW merchandise?

Yes we do!  We are adding new items all the time; just check under the “SHOP” tab to see what items are available for purchase.  We hope we will be able to offer clothing, accessories, prints and other neat collectibles.  We will often collaborate with other artists to create unique items you won’t find anywhere else, and sometimes limited edition items that you can only get until they are gone.  So check back often!

What happened to the comments from before October 2009?

Your comments are important to us.  We appreciate your commentary.  Please stay on the line and your comments will be processed in the … just kidding.  Blogger has a known issue with importing comments to wordpress before a certain date.  My web nerds – err, guys – are working to fix this little pita.  Your older comments can still be found on the blogger site, and will be moved to the new version as soon as they figure out how to do that.

Have a question that didn’t get answered here?  Message me and I’ll do my best to respond!