I’m the luckiest

Today I received this painting of my beloved Tweedles in the mail, by Laughing Dingo Studios / Claudine Sleik.  She doesn’t do commissions anymore, but who wouldn’t want to paint Tweed?


I am the lucky recipient of three of her amazing paintings, but this one is the dearest to my heart.  Somehow she manages to capture the dogs *exactly* – that was exactly Tweed’s most usual expression.  It’s like looking right at him in front of me.

Thank you Claudine, I love it!! Best gift ever :)

Short But Sweet

Busy weekend!  Built a second hen house to accommodate my chicken collecting, which took up the bulk of yesterday in the broiling sun (of course).  Hauled it over a 5 foot tall fence I did, all my lonesome!  Built the platform, screened in the windows, put in roosts and nest boxes.  And then collapsed.

And nobody wants to sleep in it.  All 25 of them cram themselves into the other, smaller hen house.  Le sigh.



Today I picked up my latest foster puppy, Fergus.

He’s 8 months old, mostly border collie with a dash of Aussie and a pinch of cattle dog.  He’s pretty darn cute!  He really hates (read: fears) kids, and his owner is moving back to the UK where apparently kids are prolific, so she thought it best to rehome him before she went.   I also don’t care for kids, so he’s safe here in that respect.

Maybe not so safe from TWooie though, who is – of course – not a fan.  This is his “What?  No, I wasn’t giving him Elvis lip right before your camera looked me.  Why?” face.

And this is his “I just got yelled at for snapping at the puppy” face.

Fergus doesn’t seem all that challenging so far.  He needs some work on his impulse control (snatches the ball out of the Chuck-It, puts teeth on my arms when he is amped up) and of course should be steered clear of children, but otherwise doesn’t seem to have too much in the way of issues.

Tonight he gets to learn to sleep in a crate, because I don’t cotton with puppies cavorting around my house whilst I’m trying to get my shut eye :)

Looking for a puppy?  I bet he’d make a good sport dog.  Lots of drive, lots of long legs, can clear a babygate no problemo!

If you’re interested, send me a message!

Dexter would like you to take Fergus home asap :)

Is it gone yet?

Long Time No See

It’s been almost a month since I posted.  Gah!  I know, sorry sorry!  I worked 6 of 7 days one week, which doesn’t leave much blogging time.  The next weekend it peed rain – not conducive to photo taking.  Last weekend we had an agility trial, so effectively just one day off.  And today is my only day off this week too, but I snuck in some photo time, and edited whilst cooking collard greens for the dogs.  Hopefully, the photos make up for lost time.  Because today we played with the one toy guaranteed to make Wootie’s face look like this:

Can you guess what it is?

That’s a seriously happy face!

Really, really excited!

Until it all started to go South …

And then his favourite toy betrayed him.

I fully admit I was laughing so hard that I didn’t get the shot previous, where he bounced off the ball chest first, which in turn led to this magnificent handstand.  And then I got worried when the handstand culminated in Wootie bouncing off the earth on his back and I dropped the camera (well, not dropped it dropped it – it was strapped around my neck) because I was scared he was hurt.

He was fine though, right back at it after catching his breath.

Piper punished the ball accordingly.

That’s right, it’s my bitch.

But the ball was not done claiming victims this afternoon!

The moment where he realizes it’s going wrong …

hahahahaahah!  He wanted nothing to do with it after that.

Is it gone yet?

TWooie, naturally, refused to play.

And Addy was suspicious of it the moment I blew it up.

I love that giant ball toy!

Dexter did really well at the trial!  He got a Steeplechase Q with a first place and a Gamblers Q with a first place!  To be fair, there was only one other dog in his height class entered, but still.  He had a very nice Advanced Standard, but didn’t stay on the table, so no Q, but still quite a lovely run.  There may be hope for something other than total humiliation at Nationals in a couple of weeks!  Very proud of my handsome feller, he is finally – maybe – growing up!

And now, since I have to work tomorrow, it’s almost bed time.  So I leave you with some ducks.