Naked And Famous

Today I spent the morning shaving the poodle.

I realize that sounds like something out of the Urban Dictionary, but I actually, *literally* shaved the poodle today.  It’s all Auntie Michelle’s fault, because yesterday we were out all day shopping for pool noodles (successful) and beach balls (also successful) and liquid starch (no joy yet) and after all that and a giant bowl of pho, she suggested we take the dogs out for a walk on the property.  And during this walk in the rain, which was Michelle’s idea, DoDo managed to get, like, half a blackberry bush tangled up in her coat which took, like, half an hour to untangle.  And during this untangling, I realized that DoDo was a dog-awful matted mess under her friendly ginger curls.  I guess all that wet, muddy adventuring in the bush was not her friend.  Maybe a more poodle-oriented person knows a trick to saving a coat when it has reached this point, but I don’t, and my solution to everything, pretty much, is just “shave it off!”

So I did!

She looks pretty scraggly because there were some parts she was just NOT DOWN with me touching with the clippers, like near her lady bits or her armpits (ironically, areas that human women are most likely to shave!) and her feet are RIDICULOUS, but over all, I think she looks adorable all shaved short.  Much cuter than when she is poofy.  And she’s much easier to dry off too.

(although I’m not sure Dexter knew who she was anymore)

(I hope you didn’t think Naked And Famous was ME!  Nobody needs to see me naked; I’m not 24 anymore … pretty soon I’ll be 44!  Which is another blog post for another day.  Though it will still not have anything to do with me being naked.)

Ever have one of those days where you think the Universe is saving up a big dump, just for you?

Addy was pretty sure that happened to her today.  It was reasonably nice out all day, even sunny in the morning!  No rain.  This afternoon I decided we’d go play some ball on Mr. Campbell’s property and Addy said NO she was NOT wearing a shirt, thank you very much stupid human, OR a jacket if you please.  So of course as soon as we made our way over to next door, the heavens unleashed and it started torrential-rain pouring on all of us.  We all ran to stand under the giant weeping willow tree…

… but somehow the raindrops continued to find Addy, so she had to go hide in a big cement drainpipe.

And somedogs just kept hunting wabbits in the downpour.

And while somedogs were having fun in the rain:

The rest of us huddled under the tree (and in a drainpipe) until the rain eased up.

And when it slowed, it made some purdy pictures :)

It’s only November and I am already sick to death of mud, and my camera doesn’t enjoy getting wet, but still, there are some nice vistas to photograph at this time of year.

So while it SOUNDS like an exciting day (shaving the poodle, wet and naked Addy) it was actually a pretty chill afternoon.  Then it got dark at a ridiculously early hour because of the time change and we’re all hunkered down in the warm house for a group cuddle in front of the tv.

Addy hopes for either a drier day tomorrow, or at least enough sense to let me put her jacket on.


  1. Thank you

  2. Twooie looks quite heroic; hunting rabbits must suit him. And the picture of Addy on the stump has really rich colors (and she wouldn’t look quite as lovely wrapped in a sweater; I guess models must suffer for beauty.)

  3. Susan Bassett says:

    So happy that WooTube is back!

  4. Love your stories!

  5. Ellen Nickerson says:

    Love your posts.

  6. Janice in GA says:

    Much love to all the cold, wet folks up there!

  7. I have to agree that the shaved-down version of DoDo is MUCH better! I did a shaved down version of my long-haired doxie and he is much better, too. Other than the feather-duster tail the groomer left, for a reason know only to her. I’m glad I didn’t have to wash your floors…

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