Happy Birthday Piper!!

Today is Miss Piper’s 14th birthday!  That’s right, the Grand Dame, the Matriarch, She Who Shall Be Obeyed has stalked this planet for 14 years, putting an end to noisy play fighting and raisin’ up fosters right!  About once a year she tries to kill herself in a spectacularly bizarre way, but in the end, she keeps on truckin’.  Here’s to many more years together, Fabulous Miss P!

This sweet, generous, kind soul has a message for everyone on this, the day of her 14th birthday:

F*ck you, don’t touch my cake.

F*ck you, don’t touch my cake.

F*ck you, don’t touch my cake.

F*ck you too, don’t touch my cake either.

And f*ck you, don’t touch my cake.

Fuck you.  Don’t.  Touch my.  Cake.

Isn’t she just the cutest?

(Special thanks to Auntie Fiona for picking up the “f*ck you don’t touch my” cake.)

It’s my birthday too – I am exactly 30 years older than Piper.  It used to be the WooTWoo’s birthday as well, until I actually read their paperwork and found out they were born in the summer.  Piper is happy not to have to share her birthday with anyone else.  I’m pretty sure she wishes she didn’t have to share it with me.



  1. Happy Birthday to both of you!

  2. I hope that you got a “f*ck you don’t touch my” cake, too. Happy birthday to you both!

  3. Happy birthday to you both. I hope you got some “f*ck you, don’t drink my wine”.

  4. Trudy Andrews says:

    Happy Birthday to two wonderful ladies….(cough cough) lol

  5. Janet, Spur, Cutter, Copper, Rip & Emma says:

    Happy Birthday girls! Hope you both were able to enjoy some cake!!

  6. LaVonne Wagner says:

    Hilarious series of photos! Happy birthday, P & F.L.

  7. Laura in California says:

    Happy Birthday Piper and Sheena! Hey, is that Donut kitty?

  8. DONUT sighting!!!! Oh, and happy birthday LOL!

  9. Joan Boyko says:

    Happy Birthday Piper and Food Lady!!

  10. Happy birthday to two lovely ladies! :)

  11. Lola-Dawn Fennell says:

    Happy Birthday to both of you!!! (Hope one of you really enjoyed that cake!)

  12. Happy Birthday!!! Bitches got style ;D

  13. Happy Birthday, you two—previously four!

  14. Janice in GA says:

    Happy birthday to you both! I think I’ll adopt Piper’s cake motto too. :)

  15. BAHAHAHA! Happy Belated Birthday to you both! I hope you didn’t lose any fingers trying to cut the “F*uck You Don’t Touch My Cake” cake ;)

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