Where The Wild Flowers Are

This afternoon I took the dogs to play at the back of the property among the long grasses and the wildflowers, because it makes for prettier backdrops than the mowed lower pasture where we usually play.

The nice grasses with hints of purples and pinks and yellows from various flowers are so pretty.

This particular colour palette flatters His Orangeness.

And TWooie blends right in.  It’s totally his environment (because bunnies).

And you know what made our little adventure today possible?

Coyote Vests.

I’ve been avoiding going back there because, well, because you know.  There are so many more places for a predator to hide if they wanted to, and it’s where I find most of the coyote scat.  Nothing has ever happened back there, but when you’ve got two Littles chasing bugs and mice and bunnies through the undergrowth, it’s too much like tempting fate.  But I felt a lot better about letting the Littles have their fun and comfortable enough to bring the camera when they were wearing their vests.

This is The Face of Happy:

(And this The Face of Fae)

I gotta ask … like, do some of y’all think before you type?  I had to delete a couple of comments on my Coyote Vest post because they were just … nasty.  Like, if you think the vests look ridiculous, that’s cool – they kinda do (it’s part of what I like about them.  I’m always down for making the dogs look silly).  Someone posted respectfully that they took issue with the company’s research into hawk protection, and that’s okay too – I appreciate legitimate critique.  Or if you have questions about them, that’s cool too.  But someone posted that they were CRUEL and TORTURE, which I found confusing.  The spikes are on the OUTSIDE, not the inside.  Someone posted that it was terrible that the dogs couldn’t lie down, which I also found confusing.  The primary point of these vests are for adventurous outings where their lives might be at risk from a predator, it’s not like they fused to their bodies the second I snapped the buckles together and they’ll have to just stand around for the rest of their lives.  And as it happens, they can lie down in them, as Fae demonstrated by having a little rest in the shade of my torso (and getting a belly rub to boot!).

I also learned from visiting the Coyote Vest facebook page that dogs can swim whilst wearing them.  We’re keen to try that on our next hike.

And speaking of swimming, I did a photo shoot earlier this week with three hilarious Aussie at the beach.  I think we managed to get some very lovely shots.  What do you think?

Sandy Shenanigans.

Sea wenches.

Ridin’ the rails.

So many pretty places to photograph where I love, including my own backyard.

Although it can be challenge.

Mr. Woo has a little growth on his eyelid that is starting to grow and bother his eye, and I guess I’ll need to get that removed. So if you are interested in doing a photo shoot with me so I can get that money together, please contact me!


  1. Adrienne says:

    I was thinking of the question you asked, and scrolled down to see the Comments section is headed “Speak Your Mind”.

    Perhaps some folks are taking that far too literally!

  2. Janice in GA says:

    Of course they look a bit silly. WHO CARES, if they’re SAFER!!

    Thumbs up to you for looking out for your dogs whenever you can.

    Also, this Aussie person loves your Aussie pics. Wish I wasn’t on the other side of the continent from y’all.

  3. I think the Coyote Vests are adorable! The dogs look so cute!

    (It amazes me how some people just can’t seem to say anything unless it’s nasty. Just ignore them.)

  4. Tabitha Calvert says:

    I love the vests! And I think they look really cool! Wonder if they would work for lambs? hmmmm……

  5. I think the vests are great if they do what they claim, which they seem to be doing: they protect the Littles and they give you peace of mind. Boom. Well worth it. I wouldn’t give a rolicking crap to the haters; they clearly aren’t doing their research about what the purpose of the vests are. I, for one, think Addy’s is best–she looks like a punk princess on a revival tour.

  6. A while back someone posted a link to the Coyote Vests in a FB group I’m in. One lady took MASSIVE offence to them, and her entire problem with them boiled down to how they’d not work for her with her dogs. Which is fine, they’re not for everyone, but every time someone posted about how “kinda cool, might have to look into it further” she’d kick up a big stink, again. So no, people don’t think.

    I have to add that I’ve seen sillier things on dogs too, at least these have a purpose!

    And for the record, I don’t own any Vests, and my dogs are all too big to fit into them! But I think the concept is cool, and if it prevents someone’s heartbreak because a coyote passed up on a snack then I’ll take it!

  7. Kristen says:

    I LOVE how the Littles look in their Coyote Vests! They look like early 90’s hair metal rock stars and it just makes me happy to see them.

    Be safe, have fun, look badass!

  8. Kristen’s comment about 90s hair metal rock stars is an amazing idea for a doggie halloween costume. xD

  9. There will always be strong opinions, especially when aired behind the shield of anonymity that is internet. It can be hard to ignore, I know. I think you’ve handled this particular batch with grace.

    That said, I think that while these vests look really silly, they also: 1. are effective and do the job well, 2. make you feel more comfortable in letting your dogs out. Those two reasons by far outweigh the “silliness.” That said, I agree they do kinda look like 80s/90s hair metal rockers. You should do a photo shoot themed around that.

  10. Absolutely love the Aussies in the boat. Great photo!

  11. FL, I noticed that your phone number is readable in the Woo photo. With the aforementioned odd people on the internet, do you want to blur his dog tag?

  12. Shannon says:

    Hm, let’s see. You have a vest that protects your dogs from being eaten by coyotes, while not harming coyotes – or any other wildlife – in the process. Sounds like a win to me! I’m also totally down for making dogs look amusing. And your Littles certainly do in those vests. Keep on keeping on!

  13. Geez, some people just feel the need to bitch no matter what……I love the vests, I would definitely use them. I for one have 3 big dogs and have stopped walking in the Coulees due to seeing coyotes off in the distance, they are not to be messed with, they are cunning and strong and I would do whatever it takes to protect my dogs, good for you for doing the same!

  14. OMG A squinty Dexter and a pointy thing all in one post! I almost got them mixed up! Those coyote vests look punk rock as hell. Kinda want to look into something like that for the backcountry travels with Ness. Kick ass of them to help you out! Glad to see you guys are out enjoying the sun again and love the photos – especially the ones of the more “angular” persuasion :)

  15. What?! Who could hate those vests? They look like Goth Cyberpunks in an 80s SciFi movie. That is amazing. Who would take issue with that? (Jerks, that’s who) There is nothing cuter than a little dog looking like she could kick the snot out of anyone who messed with her.

    Also, I love that they protect your Littles. I am so happy that you’ve found something that helps keep them safe AND lets them be dogs. They get to run and play and hunt bugs! What more could a Little want out of life? :D

  16. H.H.Bandersnatch says:

    Those Aussie photos are glorious! I wish I could have you take photos of my dog, but while I live in Washington state I’m not sure if that is too far away (if I were willing to come to you). Then again, my dog is a bit of a nutjob so maybe that’s for the best. *sigh* I can dream, though.

  17. The Food Lady says:

    If you wanted to come over the border we’d be happy to do a photoshoot with you. Unfortunately I can’t come to you because a) I have no passport currently and b) the US considers me going to photograph you “stealing a job from a US photographer” so I’m not allowed to do that. But I am always happy to have you come to me! :) We are just over the Peace Arch border ;-)

  18. I love seeing you and the puppies having fun again. That is so important and *brave* because even though your brain knows the vests will protect the littles, I imagine your emotions aren’t entirely convinced. It is so hard to erase the imprint that trauma leaves.

    This is your house. If anyone thinks it appropriate to spit on your virtual floor, you are well within your right to nuke them immediately. Free speech is for governmental actors. And you’re in Canada anyway.

    I noticed some snarky-snottiness among posters in my Persian Mafia group page on FB. I got alarmed private messages from caring friends … because there was some disagreement and brewing testiness. I don’t know why some folks can’t state a differing opinion in a respectful manner. When they cross MY line, they might get warned, or they might get nuked, and I’ve made it clear that I haven’t the time or patience to specify for all occasions which it will be. It’s MY page and MY group, therefore MY rules.

    I do lend a lot more slack to folks who actually DO STUFF to carry out or support our rescue activities. If someone’s there for only the entertainment value of the “CAT IN DANGER! ZOMFG SAVE IT!” while not actually donating or helping (or even sharing the cat on their personal FB page), the phuque do I need them for???

    I have one lady posting sectarian prayers on every post. Every day I go in and remove them all. The next day she’s back doing it. So I sent her a private message politely asking her to please stop. She’s still doing it. I’m still removing them all. She had gone from full prayers to “God bless.” That’s good to bump a thread to the top of the page, therefore somewhat useful. Today, though, she was back to the full paragraph sectarian prayers.

    I deleted them all. One of these days I’m gonna nuke her. Because I can.

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