This dog found a clump of dirt.  You won’t BELIEVE what happens next!

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haha!  I could blog photos of Fae playing with her clods of turf all day long.  She is hilarious.

I’m a big fan of dogs who can amuse themselves with random objects, partly because I’m lazy and don’t want to have to entertain my dogs all the time, but also in larger part because they make for good photo ops.  I mean, seriously, look at this!

Understand that nobody is throwing these for her, nor is anyone else playing with her.  She is pulling up chunks of earth (I blame Addy for teaching her this) and then shaking them “to death” whilst racing around in little tiny idiot circles and attacking the chunks that fly off the Main Sod.  She is too hilarious.

She usually only plays this game when the rest of us are playing Flying Squirrel, because although Fae quite likes the FS, surprisingly, Miss PeetieBoring has developed a keen interest in the FS and won’t let Fae get it before she does – or just outright steals it from her – which pisses Fae off so she gets sulky and stops playing.

It’s nice to see Peetie FINALLY show some interest in playing with something (other than Addy).

Now that’s she’s come out of season, she is a lot more enthusiastic than she had been, though by my standards she is still pretty chill.  But she is now maintaining an interest in playing with the FS for up to ten minutes at a time, and will even bring it back to me about 75% of the time instead of wandering off.  So she’s getting there!

She’s a lot more fun when she’s enthusiastic!  But she is still a belly-crawling hand-licker, and her neediness makes me insane.  I need a little more “oomph” in a dog.  If I want a dog in my lap trying to claw its way into my torso, I ‘ll put Addy back in my sweater.

This little dog has “oomph”.  Yesterday Wootie decided to play with Peetie and Fae decided Peetie belongs to HER and she bit Wootie!  Hard enough to make him cry!

Fae’s MEAN!

(All the toys – including Peetie – are belong to Fae)

But we know which side Wootie comes down on, because this little asshole:

got into a humdinger of a fight with Peetie yesterday.  Like I couldn’t break it up kinda fight.  And Wootie got in there like a dirty shirt to defend his brother, even though his asshole brother is the one that started it.  Peetie gave TWooie a good beating though, because TWooie can’t fight for shit.

It must have been mostly for show though, because nobody had any holes in them afterward.  We have the odd scrap now and then, which is not a shocker since there are so many of them, but I’ve never had them full-on fight before, so that’s a new one.  It’s nice to see Peetie can hold her own though.  Eventually I used my Come-To-Jesus voice and the squabblers scattered like crows on a highway.  I’m still meaner than all of them, apparently.

Unlike Cruz, who is very nice.  Yesterday he came to visit and work my ducks because he and his mom are entering a duck-herding competition in a couple of months and they wanted some practice.  Cruz is very gentle with the duckies, who are fat and lazy because nobody ever works them around here.

Hey, those are MY ducks!

Cruz tried very hard to make the ducks go places.

But some of the ducks are belligerent.

And this one sass-talked him quite a lot.

Next time, we’re going to make a little round pen out in the field with some snow fencing so they can’t hide under the lawn furniture (Cruz was too nice to flip the sofa and make them move).

Piper doesn’t work the ducks anymore because she’s old and weird and does weird things when I ask her to get round them up.  I should practice more though, because she does really like it … or at least, she likes what she thinks she’s doing, which is sort of just running around them whining rather than working.

It was fun to have someone else work them.

I don’t think I posted photos from lure coursing the other weekend either!

Oh gazehounds.  You are so athletic.

So lithe.

So majesti-oh.  Well.

Addy had fun though, she does love to chase that lure!  Fae did not have fun at first and was VERY suspicious of the lure.  Then she got angry at the lure, and THEN she chased the lure.  By the end she was having a blast.

Surprisingly, Wootie had no fun at all.  I have seen this dog chase an empty Starbucks cup blowing in the wind, but ask him to chase a lure and he flips his lid and runs screaming (literally BARKSCREAMING) all the way back to his mommy and won’t even look at the lure.  Eleven years on and I still don’t really understand what makes The Noodles tick.

Pepsi the dachshund had fun too.

She even caught the lure, the sly boots!

Here are some photos of Dexter being crazy-eyed to round off this post, because crazy-eyed Dexter photos are always pleasing.

And good bye, Tweedlet.  I never knew ye, but you really should have been mine!  Because even though I have the Puppy Lust, and have it BAD, I don’t really want a puppy yet.  But I would have made an exception for you, Tweedalike.  I hope whoever you got you knows how lucky they are!

(*seethes silently at Universe*)



  1. Janet, Spur, Cutter, Copper, Rip & Emma says:

    Thanks for the wonderful Sunday Morning Grin!!

  2. Must have the Fae! Please put a dozen stamps on her and mail her my way.

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