Flattering Portraits of Beautiful Dogs

That’s what you get for this blog entry.

Here we have His Royal Insanity, musing on his complicity in the “what goes around, comes around” philosophy of Fetch.

(I often do quite a bit of post processing, but did not create the painted bokeh effect of the grass in this photo.  Came out of the camera that way.  I’m very pleased with it though!)

Sorry to tell you Dexter, but in your next life you’ll probably come back as a tennis ball.  Everything gets a return :)


And here we have His Royal Orangeness, AKA, The Great Pumpkin, on a mission to … do something naughty, probably.  There are so many fucks that this dog does not give.

Although from the looks of all that dirt, he must have already been doing something naughty.

And I present for your consideration the tiniest of dogs, communing with the greatest forces in the universe.  Or watching a frisbee float down to earth.  Whichever.

Rewards to the faithful.

Here lies TWooie Too, soaking in the fame of being the subject of a new Wootube photo book (more on that in a minute), and looking glorious as he does.

I’m pleased to present to you a charming photo of Addy in mid-flight.  It is difficult to get good photos of a teensy Italian Greyhound running, because the camera doesn’t like to track anything that small whipping through the grass.  So I was pleased with this.

Also quite happy with this one.  Look at the dew cloud she’s kicking up behind her!

Miss Spring Thing believes that being busy on the inside is better than being busy on the outside, so she just … sits.

Little Man and his enormous ears are still with us.  His adoption may be delayed a little, so we get to enjoy him and his ears a little longer.

And Miss Sophie gets spayed this week and then goes off to her forever home!

If you’re wondering why there are no flattering portraits of beautiful Winter, it’s because none so exist.  Winter is the LEAST photogenic dog I have ever owned and in all of his photos, he mostly looks like this.


Lastly, but most certainly not leastly, The Matriarch, The Mother of Mad Teeth, She Who Will Be Obeyed … Piper.

Piper wants you to buy the aforementioned book.  She knows it’s a bit expensive, but believe her, the teensiest of profits are made on each copy sold.  The base price is pretty high – but it’s in CAD, so for our American fans, it’s practically free, no?  Because the profit margin is so low, she hopes that many copies will sell.  Because she needs to pay the vet.  Because today, we found this ugly thing on her face.

It most certainly was not there the other day, so we have no idea what it is or where is sprang forth from, but it looks ugly and I bet it bodes nothing good.  It needs to be exorcised and biopsied.  So give us your money (and enjoy the exploits of the WooTWoo in exchange!).

And your bonus photo ….

Sadist: “How does Dexter keep getting injured?”

The Food Lady *pulls out this photo*


  1. Classic lurcher in that second photo of Addy! Congrats on the pending adoptions, and boo-hiss on the nasty Piper growth.

  2. Maria Shanley says:

    Wootie knows he did something wicked, and does not care in the least. That sparkle in the eye gives him away every time. Hope Piper bounces back quickly!

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