One Listening Ear

When you live with an Italian Greyhound, one is all you get.  IF you’re lucky and the stars are in alignment.

The other day it snowed overnight, but when I got up in the morning I was too lazy to dig out my camera for our walk.  Later that day for our second walk I whipped open the door and the snow had all melted.  *rage*

The following morning everything was frosty and cold and the sun was shining and the light was beautiful, but my fingers were tool cold to camera so I left it behind.  Later for the second walk, it had started raining and rained all afternoon and evening.  *more rage*

This morning the sun was peeking through the clouds and I brought the camera out.

So of course the sun disappeared behind clouds about 10 minutes into our morning exercise.  Oh come ON.

But this afternoon the sun came back and made some beautiful light for our afternoon exercise.

Happiness.  Finally.

But real happiness is this:

I have been acclimating The Fabulous Miss P to her wheels for the last week or so.  It’s taken some convincing and cajoling, but she’s now motoring around in it like a f*ckin’ BOSS.  It’s an “assist” cart, so she can still use her hind legs, but doesn’t have to put any real weight on them, so she’s not so sore-slash-crippled after she goes out for a run.  At first she was pretty certain she couldn’t walk in it at all, so I tempted her with a frisbee, which got her motor runnin’ a little.  I tossed the frisbee to her as a reward for carting down the driveway, but I threw it too high and she jumped up to get it and went ass over tea kettle and ended up turtled on her back, which I don’t think she has quite yet forgiven me for.

A couple more days of crusin’ along in her cart and we did a two hour dyke walk in Pitt Meadows on the weekend, and she did amazingly well, until Michelle and I got to chatting and forgot to pay attention … Piper’s wheel went off the side of the dyke and she rolled sideways over and over down the hill.  No harm no foul, but I kept a leash on her harness for the rest of the walk.  It’s been a bit of a learning curve for both of us.

Now she’s free-wheelin’ it pretty good, even in the bush.

It’s so beautiful to see her playing like her old self in her new cart.

Even arguing with Wootie over the kong-on-a-rope!

So we all got to have fun in the fading sun today.

Ghillie went home, but Dexter is pretending she is still here with us.

Tried to get a family photo, and TWooie was pretending Dexter was NOT still with us, and ruined it.

But there’s nothing NOT awesome about my happy and mobile old lady dog :)


  1. What a good dog mom you are! And I love your photography!

  2. Oh, that’s wonderful that Piper has taken to the wheels so well! I have been thinking of the same thing for my Skye-dog, who suffers from spondylosis and to make matters worse, has been recovering over the past month or so from vestibular syndrome. Of course, we are full of snow here so wheels would be essentially useless until spring — perhaps the wheels could be taken of in favour of a sled-type set-up? I wonder….

  3. Way to go, Piper! Watch out for large tree roots. They can be cart tippers too. Second time out in his new cart, my old guy tried to hump a French bulldog and played Frisbee again for the first time in ages. He was 13. We made it to 13.75 and never would have had those last months without his cart.

    Thanks for sharing. Loved the family photo.

  4. Im just going to say it, Piper has always been my favorite. Im so happy about her wheels. My dog Ed who has been gone 10 years now had wheels his last year. He fucking loved them. Im so happy for Piper, she’s beautiful.

  5. Glad the wheels are working so well for Miss Piper! It’s so great that she can keep up with the gang and not be hurting so much. My wheelie girl will be 16 on Jan 26th:)

  6. Yay, Piper! It’s amazing how quickly they adapt (and forgive). How nice to see the sun.

  7. OMG, Piper looks so happy! Hoo-ray!

  8. Dear, sweet girl! Love her new wheels!

  9. Glad to see her playing again!

    If you ever decide to play w/ tires to give her more stability on grassy terrain, look into lawn mower tires.

  10. The pictures of Piper with her wheels brought tears to my eyes – you go, Piper! Can she sit or lie down with the wheels on or are they just for play and exercise? Your dogs lead such a good life.

  11. Good job, Food Lady and Piper! Awesome! (and I seldom use the word).

  12. Janice in GA says:

    Hooray for Piper!

  13. Sally Derevan says:

    You take the most wonderful dog photos this dog lover has ever seen!

  14. Piper’s smile is worth everything!

  15. Yay Piper! Look at her go!

  16. I have always been partial to Piper, and I’m glad that she’s getting acclimated to her new wheels. <3

  17. She looks so much happier! good for both of you.

  18. Beautiful light in these. Piper looks happy with her new wheels. :)

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