I Ate A Vole And I Liked It

We’ve been playing ball in the long grasses (which are still long, but no longer tall, mashed flat by winter winds and cemented to the earth by the rains) lately, because a) less mud and b) a better work out, navigating through the peaks and valleys and c) sometimes the ball gets lost in the grass mounds and they have to put their sniffers to work to find it.  An all around more engaging exercise time than just playing Dumb Ball on the lawn.

But there are other creatures in the long grasses too, and a full seven of the 10 dogs prefer to hunt for them than play ball.

Sometimes, stupid puppies don’t know where the long grasses end and the muddy ditches begin, and then this happens.

And we’ve been seeing a lot more of these lately, also hunting for the creatures in the long grasses.

As long as they aren’t hunting these, we’re cool with sharing the space.

If I bring out a more novel toy, I can get a better percentage of dogs playing versus dogs hunting.

Little Man is getting his fetch on!

(how he hasn’t been adopted yet, I’ll never know)

He’s even willing to take on The Flamboyance(tm)!

The fabulous Miss P is having a good hind-end week and has not needed her wheels at all.

Winter is having a good anxiety week, and had one of his rare attack-of-the-for-no-reason-zoomies, which I managed to snatch a photo of.

Everyone is having fun

and lovin’ life.

No exciting stories this week, just a little snapshot of our wonderful lives :)  Happy Weekend!


  1. The Twooie photo made me laugh. But I feel compelled to point out that you missed an opportunity to say “I kissed a squirrel and I liked it.” ;-)

  2. Yeah, but we don’t have squirrels, so it would have been a lie. As TWooie really did eat a vole, for realsies.

  3. clairesmum says:

    Tooi is an adventurous eater, for sure! Between four legged and two winged predators, the tiny critter population in the field will stay low enough so that they don’t have to move into your house due to overcrowding in the burrows. Glad to see everyone having fun…..and three cheers for the fabulous Miss P!

  4. That looks suspiciously like sunlight…my crew can’t wait for temps in double digits so they can get out and run. Looks like a great time was had by all!

  5. Eagle! Beautiful, but you have so many littles now it’s also terrifying. Maybe you can put spiked vests on Addy, Fae and the teeny puppy.

    Enjoy your wonderful life!

  6. Little Man would have a home if I lived anywhere near you. How can you stand so much cuteness? I love all the happy pictures.

  7. Where did you get piper’s wheels? I have an old dog with bad hips. We are going to have to do something.

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