I wanna blog for ya’ll

Really, I do.

But I got nuthin’.

I feel like this, about everything.

Sorry :(


  1. Miss you, but take care of yourself (and the pack).

  2. I appreciate any tidbits you throw my way, Food Lady. Miss you!

  3. Phooey.

  4. You are not obligated in the slightest to keep us entertained, particularly if you’re finding it tough to do so. Every blogger has a burnout at some point. Sooner or later you’re going to have something to rant about and the photos to go with it, and when you do we shall be here to snicker and snort and nod in agreement and quite possibly laugh out loud. Don’t sweat it!

  5. springahead says:

    Take care if yourself! We will be here when you are back.

  6. Maria Shanley says:

    Miss you and the dogs, but can wait. Got any cute/funny/odd client photos? Hope you’re back blogging soon.

  7. No worries! We’ll be here when you feel like it. Wishing you and the pack all the best

  8. Hope it is just a temporary burnout and that you and your pack are all well. I feel guilty for not commenting more when you do blog but please know we are all here for you and miss you.

  9. Hell, even when you got nuthin’ you can make me glad you posted. Take your time, take care of yourself and your pups, and give us a holler when it feels right.

  10. looks like you have a whole lot of healthy dogs in a beautiful green field. enjoy.

  11. we’ll be here when you feel it again. take care.

  12. Pretty cute nuthin’.

    I’m still gonna keep checking, just in case. You’ve got lots of friends out in the etherverse.

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