What’s Black and White and Crazy All Over?

You’d be forgiven for assuming I was talking about this:

But actually I am speaking of this!

Meet Easy, a 4.5 month old puppy I picked up last night.  Allegedly a border collie puppy.  I’m not entirely convinced.

He’s monstrously HUGE.  His head’s almost as big a fully grown human head.  His feet … doG his FEET.  They’re like dinner plates!  He weighs 30 lbs already.  There’s border collie in there for sure, but I suspect it’s mixed with an Indian Gaur.

He is, in every conceivable way, a perfectly awesome puppy.  He is people social, dog social, mostly housebroken.  He is crate trained, he sleeps through the night and let me sleep in until 9AM this morning without nary a peep.  He is super attentive, has a great off switch, minds well and likes to learn.  Plays ball, likes to tug, is food motivated, rides well in the car.  Respects the adult dogs, got Wootie playing with him in the first 24 hours, even convinced Winter to play.  He is everything I would look for in a puppy, except he’s frickin’ HUGE.  And he’s not all border collie.

I like my border collies lean and pointy and intense.  For all his many, erm, challenges, Dexter is – aesthetically-speaking – perfect.  I can admire his form all day long.

He doesn’t look like a fuzzy anvil glued to a soccer ball.

I admit I was hoping that the perfect puppy for me had landed in my lap and it was a sign from above that Puppy Time had arrived.  But I know me, and I know I don’t want a border collie / lab mix.  Plus, he won’t fit in my lap!  He’s bigger than Spring already!

When he tries to play with The Littles, it’s like Godzilla crushing a group of Oompa-Loompas.

But at least he will sate my puppy lust for a little while.  And someone is going to get an AMAZING dog.  He’ll probably go on to do great and wonderful things and I will be glowery and pissy about it for years.  I’ll look like this:

(this is Winter’s “you got a slightly larger me to replace me with, didn’t you?” face)

The nice thing is, I am not finding puppy impossible so far. Which bodes well for the future, when I do actually get a puppy of my very own :)

Cuz man, this is an awful lot of cute!


  1. Monster puppy!

  2. Laura in California says:

    Whoa! In the fourth pic, his paws look to be as big as human hands!

  3. Nic D'archangel says:

    … MY kinda puppy !! he’d .. fit well in our family … i have a BC/Rott mix 10 mo old, and a
    Swiss Mtn/Rott mix 8 yr old… both fixed males… you need a home 4 this guy… we here…

  4. CinnamonDog says:

    Someone is going to get one freakin’ awesome dog, that’s for sure!
    I like BC crosses a lot. While they are not interchangeable with BCs for those who want a BC (like me), BC in the mix puts a whole lot of smart into a pet dog and the whatever-else takes the edge off the neurotic, often to the point where it hardly shows.
    When people meet my BC and start telling me about their BC experiences, it’s often to describe a BC mix that was ‘such a great girl’ or ‘an incredible dog’ or ‘the best dog EVER, really’ — even years later.
    Here’s hoping Big Puppy finds his Big Life and they all live happily ever after!

  5. Omg what a cutie bear!! If I didn’t have a size restriction at my rental, I would be all over that puppy!

  6. KT, Sage, Mitzi, and Pickles says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! The image of Godzilla charging a bunch of oompa loompas. Can’t stop smiling now. :) He doesn’t look huge in most of the photos (except for his paws in the forward running shot, and then with the Littles, his “puppyness” is obvious)……would love a photo comparing him against Dexter, since Dexter is the tallest of your pooches.

  7. Look at the monster digits on those paws! Woowsa.

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