Conversation With A Puppy

Adorable puppy is adorable.

Why am I naughty?  Am I eating something wrong?  Are you mad at me?

I’m not eating anything wrong.  BUT YOU OVER THERE, DON’T THINK ABOUT TOUCHING IT.

You’re not mad at me are you?  

And you over there, I know you’re still thinking about touching it.

Okay I’m eating something wrong. But you still love me right?

You love me?  Right?

Yeah, you still love me :)

doG help me, I do too.  He is such a good (GIANT) puppy.  I did take some pounds off him and he’s more lean than roly poly now, but he still weighs about 26lbs.  He’s just … hefty.  He’s just a tiny bit smaller than Piper, and he’s got an enormous head to grow into!

But he is a very good puppy.  With the exception of a crazy moment he had today when he grabbed my hair and Tarzaned from it (hair is not meant to support 25 airborne pounds!) he’s very gentle, and super keen to do anything I ask for food or for praise.  He loves being told he is a good dog.  Wags his tail so much he got a case of Happy Tail and busted it open at the end.  That’s a happy meatball!!

And he wants to play with everyone!

Though he could sure use some street smarts!

Everyone tolerates him really well, and Fae is teaching him how to play properly, and not squash little dogs.

And until she drives that lesson home, Addypants will continue to avoid him.  She’s not as sturdy as Fae, so she gets smooshed a lot faster and harder, which makes her irate.

Even TWooie is tolerant of him, and TWooie is really not known for his tolerance (shocking news, I know).  But Easy is pretty irresistible!!

In other news, Mr. Woo has a tiny little growth on his eyelid, barely noticeable, but I think it’s bothering his eye because it looks a bit irritated, so I think we’re going to have to take that off.

Piper’s birthday is in just over a month; she’ll be 13.  Hasn’t greyed hardly at all!

And Dexter … bizarre and difficult to understand he may be, but easy to love and definitely nice to look at he sure is!


  1. I love Easy.

  2. Oh, my. What a cutie he is!

  3. Easy is just that and a whole lot more!

  4. My goodness, Easy is adorable – and huge! :)

  5. more. Easy. please!

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