Long Time No See

It’s been almost a month since I posted.  Gah!  I know, sorry sorry!  I worked 6 of 7 days one week, which doesn’t leave much blogging time.  The next weekend it peed rain – not conducive to photo taking.  Last weekend we had an agility trial, so effectively just one day off.  And today is my only day off this week too, but I snuck in some photo time, and edited whilst cooking collard greens for the dogs.  Hopefully, the photos make up for lost time.  Because today we played with the one toy guaranteed to make Wootie’s face look like this:

Can you guess what it is?

That’s a seriously happy face!

Really, really excited!

Until it all started to go South …

And then his favourite toy betrayed him.

I fully admit I was laughing so hard that I didn’t get the shot previous, where he bounced off the ball chest first, which in turn led to this magnificent handstand.  And then I got worried when the handstand culminated in Wootie bouncing off the earth on his back and I dropped the camera (well, not dropped it dropped it – it was strapped around my neck) because I was scared he was hurt.

He was fine though, right back at it after catching his breath.

Piper punished the ball accordingly.

That’s right, it’s my bitch.

But the ball was not done claiming victims this afternoon!

The moment where he realizes it’s going wrong …

hahahahaahah!  He wanted nothing to do with it after that.

Is it gone yet?

TWooie, naturally, refused to play.

And Addy was suspicious of it the moment I blew it up.

I love that giant ball toy!

Dexter did really well at the trial!  He got a Steeplechase Q with a first place and a Gamblers Q with a first place!  To be fair, there was only one other dog in his height class entered, but still.  He had a very nice Advanced Standard, but didn’t stay on the table, so no Q, but still quite a lovely run.  There may be hope for something other than total humiliation at Nationals in a couple of weeks!  Very proud of my handsome feller, he is finally – maybe – growing up!

And now, since I have to work tomorrow, it’s almost bed time.  So I leave you with some ducks.


  1. No Spring-a-ling at the trial?

  2. So glad to have you back! I love Woo and the giant ball. That’s one happy puppy!

  3. It was really interesting to see your photos of Wootie and Dexter and the ball, because we had the same thing happen, but worse. We were playing in our hayfield with Luna (also a B/W BC). The ball was rolling down the hill, she ran after it, got caught on it like Dexter, but because it was going down hill there was more impulsion. She was flung high into the air, somersaulted in mid air and hit the ground hard, on her side I think, it was hard to see. She was winded a bit and not too happy looking, but seemed to recover okay. Probably just as well but the ball was punctured during that. Not in a rush to play with one again.

  4. Awesome ducks! Are they for Piper to play with (by which I mean herd)?

  5. I knew if I checked often enough I would be rewarded and I was with wonderful pictures of Wootie and Dexter. Congratulations on Dexter’s runs at the trial and good luck at the Nationals! Gorgeous ducks!

  6. The Food Lady says:

    Yes, those are Piper’s ducks. She really likes moving them around, after some initial hesitation … one day I will get it on video :) Spring had a nice Steeplechase run (a Q) and a nice standard, though she also missed the table. I really need to train the table!

  7. Maria Shanley says:

    Thanks for the great pictures. Hope Dexter and Spring continue to do well and have fun at agility.

  8. thank you, thank you, thank you for the ball photos! and for returning! my daily pings were getting desperate…

  9. Hilarious! Particularly the Dexter Morgan photos.

  10. Hillarious!

  11. Love it, such happy smiley playful dogs, what fun
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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