Egg suckers, that is.

A few weeks ago I thought one of my hens had taken a hike for greener pastures as she simply upped and vanished one day.  Then I discovered her in the old abandoned henhouse sitting on like TWENTY ONE EGGS!


None of them were fertile because we have no rooster, and most of them were floaters, so I dragged her off the nest and took them all away.  I put them where I *thought* they’d be safely unmolested until I could throw them away … but they were neither safe nor unmolested!  Addy was hopping up on the picnic table and fishing them out of the container, so everyone has been enjoying a rather disgusting verging-on-rotten egg feast.

They don’t share well either.

(you can’t tell, but he has an egg in his mouth and Totes wants it)


I tried to get you photos today, I really did, but I have done something terrible to my neck/back.  I stood up and stretched/yawned this morning and that was it.  I was done.  No way I could swivel around and stuff to get many photos without screaming OUCHMOTHERF*CKERTHATHURTS!!!!

I’m not the only injured party around here either.  Dexter is still tripodding / limping.  Dr. Jeff says he has injured his sartorius muscle, he thinks.  He’s been on leash walks only for going on three weeks now, and laser therapy (I’m an easy target when it comes to the dogs!) – no change.  We are trying some Back On Track therapy that a gal at work lent us, but I have a rather sinking suspicion that Regionals is a no-go for us this year :(


Adorable Rhumba still has no furever home in sight.  That also sucks.

This didn’t suck though.



I was visiting a friend (picking up a chicken, actually) and one of her mini goats gave the world an even mini-er goat a couple days previous.  Smaller than some of my dogs!  Cutest thing ever!  She said she would give it to me when it was weaned, but my landlord threatened to go her house and kick her ass if she gave me a goat.  Where is the mini goat love, landlord?  WHERE IS IT??

This guy doesn’t suck though.

Neither does this lovely lady.

And that’s the sum total of photos I managed to get today.

Still bummed about Dexter and Regionals.  Le sigh.

But cheer me up!  Help my super talented friend Shane by voting for his video idea – he needs votes to get the video made, so please tell your friends!


  1. I can’t even imagine how nasty those eggs must have smelled! How do you live with Rhumba and Totes, they are SO freaking cute! And, for the record, baby mini goats are smaller than my Chihuahua, so just tell your landlord you got one of those!

  2. I saw itty-bitty goats the other week and I wanted one so bad. How can goats be that small? Like why? It is just too cute.

  3. WTF, is this turning into or something?! Bebeh goats, adorable little dogs, I can’t take it!
    LOL just kidding, I love them all.
    May Dexter and The Food Lady both make a full, speedy recovery.

  4. It seems nothing is too disgusting for doggies to eat. Otter poop is a favorite around here. However I couldn’t teach my dogs to eat slugs. I wonder why. Do you think Woo is part poodle?

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