I like you

I like you …

You like me ….

… we all live in harmo- OOPS

The little dogs are teaching the even littler dog to be a real dog.

She was pretty lethargic and timid when she first arrived, but now she is all busy and active and stuff.  It’s pretty damn adorable!

So who wants to adopt this itty bitty bundle of cute?

Or this one? (this is her “I was naughty and barked at someone walking down the road, and I know it was wrong” face)

Still adorable though.  She plays with the puppy the most.

More adorable (puppies are sweet and all, but give me a fluffy orange beast any day!):  Got Wootie a new Fifa, and he was so happy!

It was a cheapie from the dollar store, so it didn’t last long, but he was ecstatic while it lasted, and beyond.

More adorable still (and a little creepy) is the faces Dexter makes when I let him “get” the ball, even though he is still on leash rest.

Still limping on this left hind leg, so he is in a down while the other dogs play (he would hate this more, but liedown is Dexter’s favourite position).  I’ll throw the ball at him periodically to make him feel included.

Tomorrow we go see Dr. Jeff and find out what the f*ck.

In the meantime, Spring will get enough air for the both of them.

and show off her adorable little heiney.

With this new camera and lens, I can finally get photos of Addy running at speed.

She’s adorable in her own way.  She has a VERY nice personality, I really lucked out there.  Her personality is better than Fae’s, who is kind of a sulky, passive aggressive little shit.  But a SUPER adorable passive-aggressive little shit.

They make a good team.

Old.  Kinda senile and getting very grouchy.  Best girlie.  Adorbz.

(Winter and TWooie were hunting wabbits, and declined to participate in photos)

Most adorable of the whole shebang … Mister Will-Be-Fifteen-In-Three-Days-Time.



  1. You are killing me, Food Lady! What I wouldn’t give to live closer so that *I* could adopt that tiny bundle of cute!

  2. Ah, I love that you have such a variety of dogs and personalities in your house! They’re all lovely in their own ways :)

    Happy soon to be birthday Tweed!

  3. suzanne says:

    by looking at Tweed’s face you would never have any idea how old he is… nary a grey hair in sight! I have a sheltie whose face is almost half white now and she’s only 7. Amazing Tweed!

  4. Happy Birthday Tweed! Fifteen is a real milestone.

    Wish I could take pix like yours. You make all your dogs look wonderful!

  5. Robin L. says:

    Oh Tweed. So adorable.

  6. Wootie is so happy with his ball that is adorable. And whoa Dexter’s face. 0.0

  7. Morgan says:

    Sulky and passive-aggressive can come live with me anytime! I have such a crush on Fae.

  8. Nancy M. says:

    I doubt you could send that little bundle of joy to Michigan- I would would take that cuteness in a second!

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