Happy 15th Nameday Tweed!

Today my Tweedles turned 15 years old!

We had a barbeque at work and he got a REALLY big hamburger, plus liver cupcakes decorated with cream cheese icing.  He said it was the best day EVAR.

I love this dog, very much :)


  1. Happy Tweedles Day! Woof!

  2. Susannah says:

    My Aussie mix will be 15 in October. It’s a special blessing to have a dog for that long. Happy Birthday Tweed! I hope this is your best year yet :-)

  3. Floral says:

    Happy birthday! Sounds like a wonderful and delicious day. Thanks for sharing this beautiful boy with us.

  4. We love him too, very much. ♥ Happy Birthday, handsome boy!

  5. riosmom says:

    Happy Birthday, Tweed, you handsome boy! I see you dressed for the occasion as if you weren’t handsome enough! Hope you had a wonderful day and have an equally wonderful year!

  6. Evie Douglas says:

    Happy birthday you handsome boy! You have a huge fan base!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Yay! Happy Birthday Tweed!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Happy Birthday, sweet Tweed. I can’t believe he’s 15. A wonderful year to you, sweet dog!

  9. RachelB says:

    Happy birthday, Tweed! Sounds like a splendid party for a splendid fellow.

  10. Happy Birthday Tweed! Calli says welcome to the ’15 Club’.

  11. Happy birthday, Tweed! (I celebrate a name day for one of my horses, since I don’t know his actual birthday. So glad to learn it’s not just me with this idea!)

  12. Lonneke says:

    Happy Birthday handsome!

  13. Arwen Lune says:

    Happy birthday Tweedles! Man, it’s weird to think how long I’ve been following your blog. Since well before Dexter was born

  14. Happy Birthday, you glorious boy!

  15. Happy Birthday Tweed :)

  16. Happy Birthday Tweed!

  17. Dianne Stretch-Strang says:

    A very Happy Birthday to you Tweed!! You look fabulous!! What a blessing to have a dog reach this age!!

  18. Happy birthday, Tweed!!

  19. Happy Birthday, Tweed! Looking great!

  20. Happy Birthday Tweed!!

  21. So handsome, my man! After 15, we celebrate each month’s birthday–although perhaps not so elaborately!

  22. PS Bacon roses (on your last year’s cake) is now a staple in our house. Brilliant idea!

  23. Valerie says:

    Happy, happy birthday!

  24. Laura in California says:

    Happy Birthday Tweed!

  25. Maria Shanley says:

    Happy Birthday to a grand old man! Many more days of fun and food!

  26. I know I’m late but “Happy Birthday Mr Tweed”!!! I love that your mom shares you with us!

  27. Happy birthday Tweed! :)

  28. minabey says:

    Happy Birthday, Tweed! sorry i’m late. hahaha

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