Oh hai!  Just standin’ here, 59 days short of 15 years old, looking FAB-U-LOUS.

I just finished a 13 day stretch of, like, 10 hour days at work.  Vet Tech went to Hawaii (rage, hate, seething jealousy etc.) so I did her job as well as mine.  No days off, just work work work.  Had a day off today finally and what did I do?  GO TO WORK!

But that was just to pick up my chickens, which are now living in this temporary coop (because my real coop needs anti-coyote renovations).


(For the record, steel panels are very very heavy)

I had a bunch of errands to run and a house to clean but I snapped a few photos today.  The dogs were being entirely uncooperative, probably because I worked so much the last two weeks they forgot who I was and why they are supposed to listen to me.

I remember a Food Lady, who used to tell me to stop eating dirt.  I wonder what happened to her?

What naughty thing should I do next?

More rolling in something stinky?

OMG THE FOOD LADY!  I missed you!  I’m gettin’ a damn HUG!

I never actually listened to anything you told me to do anyway, so … same-same.

I see you every day at work, and you’re boring.

Rhumba’s right, I *am* boring.  I will try to meet the Interesting quota for the next post.  But I am about to go to bed, because work robbed me of two weeks, but daylight savings time is robbing me of an hour’s sleep and 3:30AM sounds like an incredibly depressing time to get up tomorrow :/

I love you Food Lady!!

And that’s why Piper is my favourite!


  1. Yay! I *always* find your posts interesting, so no worries there.

    I hope this doesn’t seem too prying, but I haven’t seen any posts on little Gemma for a while. Did her cancer catch up with her? I love keeping up with your huge crazy dog family. You are so good to them all.

  2. you’re post are always interesting to me as well and you dazzle us all with the fantastic photos !! Tweed looking so daper and handsome at almost 15. Thats quite a work stretch, hopefully once your chores are done you can grab some of the sunshine rays and relax for a few minutes.

  3. Janice in GA says:

    Any photos/words of your lovely dogs are always welcome. Feel no pressure! I’m sure the workplace appreciates your dedication!

    Rest when you can. Love to the dogs.

  4. *scritches for all the dogs who are so inclined*

    Yay! Dog pictures! Thank you for sharing them, Food Lady. I cannot have a pet where I live, and I must make do with dog blogs and visits to the dog park with biscuits.

    I can’t get over how young and spry Tweed looks.

  5. Maria Shanley says:

    Hurrah for Tweed!! Several of our Aussies made it to 16 or better, and I hope the same for him!

  6. Agnes Eichman says:

    Piper looks absolutely beautiful!

  7. always enjoy your posts and sense of humor! Thanks! :-)

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