Do Nothing Day

Wootie and I have declared today Do Nothing Day.  We are lazy feeling.

Do Nothing Day makes terriers ANGRY.

Dexter isn’t much happier about it.

(I’m too lazy to remember it’s 2015 now, on half my watermarks, apparently)

Fae says if I’m going to putter around inside, I could at least clean the house.

Addy is a fan of Do Nothing Day, but feels guilty about it.

Tweed tries to motivate me to get my ass in gear:

But Piper says it’s okay to have a day off once in a while.

She said we are having a lazy day, Winter.  OKAY??

Seriously, I have absolutely no motivation to be interesting, or funny today.  Even typing this is making me sleepy.  I should be redoing my Big Air website, or fixing my chicken coop against coyotes (I have 4 beautiful chickens at work that want to come home with me!) but I just can’t even talk myself into getting out of my computer chair.   I think it’s time to curl up on the sofa and watch a movie.  I NEVER laze around in the day time.   I’m going to give it a whirl :)

Can I snuzzle?  I pee-peed outside already, I promise.

(I’ll try to come back next week with something interesting to post!)


  1. Haha! Exactly the kind of day I’m having!!

  2. cheers for a do nothing day! I’m having one tomorrow :)) great photos especially the one of Tweed!
    enjoy, I’m sure you don’t take enough rest days

  3. Came for Dexter photos. Not disappointed! Glad you’re taking lots of great photos again. This blog is always on my Saturday to-do list.

  4. I’m guessing if anyone has earned a do-nothing day, it’s you! Glad posting some photos for us at least made the short list of things to (actually) do.

  5. Ennui. Sometimes it’s fun to wallow in. :)

    (Seriously, all I do on Saturdays is sit in the living room and recover from the week. Particularly given that my toddler still wakes me up every two hours all night long. Every night.)

    You laze if you want to!

  6. Have a great lazy day, pausing only to take fabulous photos of your beautiful dogs!

  7. Yay for Do Nothing Day. And, you already did something…you entertained us! I’m always happy to see your blog pop up in my reader. Love your pictures and your humor and the furry menagerie.

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