Maybe Tomorrow I’ll Wanna Settle Down…

…until tomorrow, I’ll just keep movin’ on.

Oh hello, “Terminal” Gemma, who ran off up the road this afternoon and only came back because I yelled “I HAVE COOKIES YOU HATEFUL LITTLE WENCH!”

If you facebook, probably you’ve seen this woman’s photography cuz it’s been shared like mental.

A friend posted one of the pictures to my timeline, specifically this one:


and demanded I recreate it.  Or best it.  Or something.

I like a challenge.

My dogs do not.


AHHHH!  What the f*ck was that??

Shut UP Piper!!

I’ve got to teach my little dogs to do adorable hugging things (without biting each other’s heads off) and photograph them in little miniature cities made of origami or something.  Instead of weeding the lawns.

Besides, that photographer doesn’t have dogs who are POSSESSED BY EVIL SPIRITS.

(Actually, what the little bastard is doing is stealing all the firestarter from the bonfire pit.  My landlord also had a surveyor come for some reason, and Wootie dug up and stole all the survey sticks too.  I’m totally pretending I  have no idea what happened to them.)

If you pay me in cookies, I’ll keep your secret.

So maybe my dogs won’t do threeways on camera for doggie porn.  But I think they still take a pretty fine photo when the stars align :)

I bet your dogs take a fine photo too!  prove me right; come out to our Pet Pics with Santa and/or Bumble next weekend at Triple Tree in Maple Ridge!

pet pics


  1. No contest – Food Lady wins for best dog photos! Tweed outshines them all! <3

  2. Gemma is going to live forever! Nyah nyah nyah!

  3. I saw those photos. And I thought yours look much livelier!

  4. Those are really nice photos. Yet I would rather have Food Lady photograph my beasts because she will capture their soul, many warts and all. Still waiting for your tour of the Lower 48.

    p.s. I love Twooie manhandling his younger sibling.

  5. I agree with lin, your photos are better, hands down. I feel like I know all your dog’s because of your photos. I’m still waiting for you to do a US tour as well. I’d love to have a picture of my fur kids done by you.

  6. Another vote for your photographs over the Polish woman. Hers are lovely but yours capture the personality of your dogs. I laughed out loud at Twooie and loved that there were two pictures of Wootie – he is my favorite because his expressions are so like Gracie’s. Thanks for once again starting my day with a smile.

  7. I agree with the others, although the pictures the girl took were pretty good on the surface, she only had 1 or 2 I actually liked, there is only a couple in that group of pics that the dogs actually look at her, like a painting I feel that a fantastic photo should speak to you without the words, have depth without the measurements, i want to see how that dog is feeling, whether through a serious tone or fun & play, and for me thats why yours has it all, hands down, it has all of the above !! love the post, and of course sweet Gemma and the reference to the Littlest Hobo, which was one of my fav shows growing up !! thank u for my Sunday smile

  8. I adore your photos and your fur crew (you know I am partial to Mr Whoo he is Nadja’s long lost brother) your photos are as real as it gets , they have character and we can all relate to the silly antics and stresses our fur kids put us through… keep up the great work!

  9. Clairesmum says:

    Your photos show your real dogs…and your writing helps us see what life is like with each and everyone of them….and moves us in ways that pretty posed pics do not. Love Piper’s photo…and the mischievous look in Mr Woo’s eyes as he nibbles on those sticks placed just at snout level for effortless snacking!

  10. So I still want that Gemma (not terminal, obviously) to come live with me in Florida! She’d love it. Your photos are best. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I think your photo wins hands down. Not gonna lie… I snorted.

  12. Lovely photos, and I have fond memories of the TV show, The Littlest Hobo, the lyrics of which you are mentioning in your post. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

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