Wasn’t Me!

I didn’t pull out a big chunk of Dexter’s ruff whilst chasing him around the property.  Nope.

I didn’t pull back your fitted sheet on your bed and tear apart your memory foam mattress cover while you were at work.  Nuh uh.

What do you mean “Who peed on the area rug 3 feet from the pee pads?”  Why are you asking me?

I dunno who put a big nose smudge on your camera lens, so get outta my face.

Hey everyone!  The Food Lady wants to know who has been making Sock Nests out of her laundry while she is gone every day.  Anyone got any ideas?

Thank doG for Zylkene … Winter’s anxiety has been kicking itself into high gear for the last month or so, so back on the Zylkene he goes.

But who brought home an itty bitty faux border collie when she didn’t want another dog and now thinks you’d have to pry her from my cold dead hands??

Oh wait … that was me.

How freaking cute is this?  Fae (because she’s a Pixie, one of the fae folk for sure) is about 9 months old, and weighs 10.5 lbs.  She looks like one of my dogs might if I’d accidentally tossed one in a hot wash and then the dryer.  HOW IS THIS MUCH ADORABLENESS POSSIBLE???

She is obedient, housebroken, crate trained, and snuggly as a teeny weeny fleece blankie.  Oh and she’s feisty too!


She is learning to play fetch and likes it!

And she is fearless – she’ll take on anyone.  Even hillbilly teeth!

Gah.  I hate myself!  Because even I, adopter of more dogs than Addy digs holes, knows when to stop.  I know I don’t want any more dogs.  EXCEPT I WANT THIS ONE!!

She’s just too much.  TOO MUCH!  ALL THE EVERYTHING!

Big fat le sigh.  I’me getting her spayed next week and then she’ll have to find another home.  After which I will throw myself across my bed (sans brand new memory foam mattress cover), tuck my cold, sockless feet (which have just stepped in pee on the area rug) up beneath me and sob myself to sleep (while tenderly touching the bruise on my eyebrow bone).

Why do I even have dogs again??

Oh right, because this:

and this:

and this (though the lipstick is a bit off-putting):

And of course, this:

It’s Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.  Adopt a dog and bring some furry four legged joy into your life!

adopt a shelter dog

(or, you know, Ender)


  1. Amazing photos! I have a vacancy… I have been looking at shelter pups in the Seattle area.

  2. LOL, hillbilly teeth!! Love Woo and the Twoo!! Great pics all. I would want to keep her too. ;-)

  3. Oh you made me laugh and I needed it. I just stopped my old man bc from eating a big poop. I pick up every day. Guess I will have to patrol more often. I don’t know how you do it, but it delights me that you do.

  4. I always enjoy your posts, it is the only blog I read that actually makes me smile … thank you…
    love Fae, she’s so tiny,….. really.. would anyone notice you kept her, she is irresistable !!

  5. Love the Woo Twoo, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tweed!
    Keep Fae!!!
    Find new homes for the iggys……

  6. Dittos Janet
    Keep Fae and re-home the iggys…
    especially love the picture where Fae is snarling at Ender… see, his name even has the word “end” in it… it’s a sign

  7. Great post, great pictures! You made me smile and laugh. Love Woo and and Twooie, the group picture and, of course, Tweed. And Fae. And all the pictures, really. Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

  8. Wow, the family photo is amazing! And yes, Tweed looking handsome as always.
    Sorry to hear about your socks, rug, and mattress pad :-(

  9. Andrea/Schnitzie says:

    I think you must keep her. You love her. You need one that you love so very much. One just for you. She’s tiny, and all your dogs have been getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Seriously, your dog quota should be counted by the pound, not by the dog.


  10. Andrea/Schnitzie says:

    I mean…Little Fairy Fae and Spring-a-ling! What is not to love!?!?!

    And Gemma and Addy…They’re all TINY!

  11. Miss you. Hope all is well.

  12. Laura in California says:

    Hey, how about a new post? I’m wondering how all is going in your world!

  13. Hope all is well with you and the clan.

  14. Lipstick… :D

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