Weird Week

TWooie went out hinting* rabbits yesterday (*not a typo: he does not “hunt” so much as he races through the bush barking like he saw something, when we all know he saw nothing at all) and came back like this:

“This,” in case it is not clear, is his leg stuck through his martingale collar. (And in the background, his siblings are laughing at him).  I have no idea how he gets himself into predicaments like this.

Pssst … wanna know a secret?  Come closer … it’s cuz he’s DUMB.

Well Wootie, I wouldn’t be flappin’ my yap about dumb, if I were you.  You are not exactly the pictorial dictionary definition of poise yourself, Pumpkin.

Who sits like that?  And who drools mud down their chest hair?

Ooh!  OOH!  I know, I know!

(^in process of swallowing a walrus, rhinoceros or other really big creature that would require the ability to unhinge his jaw)

In honour of Talk Like A Pirate Day, Dexter wants to tell you the bone-chilling tale of Blacktongue.  It’s a story used by parents* the world over to frighten their children**
(*parents= dog owners.  **Children = BAD DIGGING DOGS).
It goes like this:
If you insist on digging ankle sized holes in the yard with your itty bitty little feet and pointy little teeth
The end.
Is that really for true?
Oh bless Tweed.  He was much sharper before age robbed him of his wisdom.
Not that the young ‘uns are all that smart either.  If the younger generation were smarter than their elders, then this would not have happened:
Right about now you’re scratching your head and saying in your best Marty Hart voice “I just want you to stop posting odd shit.”
Odd shit indeed.  As part of Weird Week, these five sibling adolescent squirrels fell out of the nest like this … with their tails knotted, matted and tangled together.  The Hydra of Squirrels, if you will.  SCATTER THIS, BITCH!
An ACO tried to solve the Chinese Squirrel Puzzle in the field but didn’t have enough hands.  Or gloves.  Squirrels bite like fury.  So he brought them to us at work.
Where we all grabbed a squirrel and let the Health Tech do her thang.
Free at last, free at last.  Oh lordy, we’re free at last!
Took a good 20 minutes.  My job is so WEIRD.
Ender is weird too.  He looks like someone lit a firecracker under Mr. Burns.
And Dexter is just, you know, Dexter.
What can you do.  And anyway, he keeps Tweed young :)


  1. That squirrel thing is weird! Glad you were able to help them!

  2. TOO TOO weird!

  3. Weird and wonderful! Great pics!!

  4. This kind of thing does seem to happen in Canada: Must be that maple syrup.

  5. Maria Shanley says:

    The mother squirrel ought to be cited for neglect – this is what happens when mom doesn’t clean the babies! Glad they got untangled without mishap.

  6. Bizarre! Kudos to everyone for saving the squirrels. Don’t know what to say about Twooie except he seems to be saying “Won’t someone help me?” A weird week indeed. Thanks for sharing. Great head shot of Woo – I love him.

  7. love the story of Blacktongue, and of course the squirrel mystery, how really odd, kinda like siamese squirrels, but the biggest mystery for me is how did Twooie get his leg through the martingale, my dogs wear the same type of collar, never would have thought that possible tho … great pics, great post , but a very weird week :))

  8. Every single time I read your posts, I think about how awesome your dogs would be in a comic book series! Seriously…I’d read every single issue.

  9. Weird week, indeed. Weird and HILARIOUS!
    I loved the Blacktounge pics, and the “I got thumpthing on mah tung an I don wanna get it in mah mouf” look.
    And Vanessa, thats a great idea! I would totally read Wootie Comix.

  10. The epitome of wry and weird. Oh how I love your posts. BTW, Is Dexter part lamprey?

  11. Now I will never be able to look at Mr. Burns without seeing Ender.

  12. Pertaining to the squirrels, google ratking.

  13. Those squirrels !?! How ? Just can’t get my head around that one

  14. I had meant to reply when you first posted this entry. There is a name for that squirrel hydra thing. It would be a King of Squirrels. This is a thing, really. It’s best documented historically in rats, though it is often reported in quite a few other species. I was looking for a really awesome article I read once when I was doing some historical reading on the plague and Cabinets of Curiosities, but failing to find it, I point you towards good old wikipedia:

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