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I was looking for a song title with a reference to the number FIVE in it, or in the lyrics, cuz I was going to quote them for the title of this entry.  All songs about “five” are depressing / end of the world / impotent.  This hardly seemed fitting for the milestone that is DEXTER’S FIFTH BIRTHDAY!

Five years old today!  Five years of bliss entertainment with my whacky Dexter “Long Stride” Morgan!

As you can see, I made him a cake.  It’s nothing to rival Tweed’s 14th birthday cake, but I made it with love.

(Okay, mostly with liver.)

To celebrate, we went to an agility trial and Dexter got to agilitize ALL THE THINGS.  He only had one clean run today, but it was a good ‘un – he is now a Masters Agility Dog of Canada!  What a good, good dog he is.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEXTER!!

And since we were there anyway, Tweed got to run the same Gamble as a 6″ FEO – he *also* got the gamble, after some comical barking and running in circles.  He was so happy to get to play – I think I’ll throw him in a run now and then.  Keeps him young :)

Spring got her last Advanced Gamble and is now in Masters Gamblers.  She also had a clean Steeplechase run, so all in all, a good day for everydog and The Food Lady!

So good, in fact, that I got us all a present.

Meet Molly, a 9 week old border collie puppy that was surrendered to rescue today by someone wonderful people who bought her from a relative to stop him from selling her on Kijiji, and then handed her over to me.

She’s so cute I could just EAT HER UP.

I can hear you all collectively shitting your minds at the thought of me getting another dog, but never fear – she is a temporary foster only.  She is leaving for her real foster home shortly, because I can’t bring her to work with me and I don’t want to leave her alone for hours and hours every day.  Plus, I am full of all the dogs.

*kicks dirt* Stupid practicality.

If only I didn’t already have so many dogs.  ENDER.

But if I were in a position to have another dog, she’d be it!  She’s sassy, drivey, ADORABLE …  someone is going to extra super duper lucky to have this puppy!  I hope one of my agility friends will adopt her.

All in all, a most excellent day!  A birthday, a new title, and a puppy!  Plus cake for dogs, and for people too (thanks Linda!) and a sunny afternoon with all my favourite friends.  I feel lucky!

(PS – Happy Anniversary Fiona and Jeff!)


  1. Happy Birthday, Mr Morgan! I hope you enjoyed your cake, and can keep your shit together on the agility course from now on.

  2. Holy crap! Dexter pictures and a tiny puppy in the same thread.. magnificence abound :) Happy 5th Birthday from Ness and I.

  3. Happy Birthday, Dexter!! Congrats on your runs! Also, that puppy is adorable!! :D Is Ender still being a shithead? :D

  4. Oh my gosh. 5 years. I remember when he was born. Just shows how long I’ve been following, and loving, your blog. Happy returns to Dexter, and thanks for sharing your life with us

  5. Happy Birthday, Dexter!

  6. Happy Birthday, Dexter! And congratulations on finally understanding that agility is a game played by two and being willing to play with the Food Lady. And congratulations to you, Food Lady, for sticking with the boy. I was going to write for being so patient with him but that wouldn’t have been quite accurate. :-)
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  7. Happy Birthday to the black and white giraffe!

  8. There’s an XTC song that goes “one two three four five / senses working overtime.” Sounds pretty Dexter to me! Happy birthday kiddo. :)

  9. Happy Birthday to Dex!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to larger than life Dex Morgan and on his new title, congrats to you both. I have followed your blog since you were in town and feel very proud of him as well as everyone else who reads about his journeys ! and congrats to Tweed… he’s still got it !! :)) and Spring, of course she did well she’s a natural ! you’ve had hard earned, but well deserved success’ congrats again (love the cake too !)

  11. Happy Birthday handsome Dexter! Sounds like you all had an awesome weekend.

  12. clairesmum says:

    Happy Birthday, Dexter! I’m glad that you managed to grow into all of your abilities and body parts, so that you and the Food Lady can play together and both have a great time.
    Sounds like a lovely weekend for everyone at Casa de Food Lady – thanks for sharing the happy with us.

  13. Happy birthday, Dexter!

    Scritches for the cute puppy.

  14. Happy Birthday, Dexter! I’m glad to see that you middle name is no longer “Douche Bag”–at least for the day!

  15. I’ve been reading your blog since before you lost Briggs and I remember very well when you announced you were keeping one of the Peanuts pups. I also followed your 365 days of Dexter and it was there that you posted my favorite photo of him ever. He was still just a wee one and he was looking out the door and you captioned it “but I want to go outside”. It was a really great shot of the cutest face on earth! Happy Birthday Dexter!

  16. Peggy Lycett says:

    Dexter is a very handsome 5-year old! I am glad Tweed got some agility time in, too. Sadly, I lost my 13.7mo old Skye on Aug 23rd. My beautiful, brilliant border collie is hopefully with my other border collie, Casey, who I lost 5 years ago. I am heartbroken and my home feels empty. They were my first dogs. Maybe with time I will be ready to hang the “Vacancy” sign up and give a loving home to more dogs.

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