I feel like I should be doing something productive with my day off, but I have an Addy sleeping in my shirt, which significantly limits the activities available to me.  And since she climbed in there whilst I was sitting at my computer, I guess posting on Wootube is as good as an available activity as any!

So last weekend I spent about 16 hours on what felt like the broiling surface of the SUN photographing all the no-tails at the Australian Shepherd Club of BC trial.  It was pretty fun, except for the burning sensation in all of my exposed flesh and the complete evaporation of all liquids in my body.  I rented a 70-200mm F/2.8L USM II for the event, which I thought would be magical … but was not.  I took a LOT of photos and not as many as I would have liked turned out.  I usually have a pretty high shot-to-success ratio, but I’m starting to wonder if my camera is the problem, not the lens.  But I used two different cameras, so maybe not.  Or maybe this is merely the impetus I need to acquire a new, fancier camera.  I like where this stream-of-consciousness is leading!  Don’t tell my wallet.

Anyway, when I did get good shots, they were pretty fantastic and I was pleased with the results.  And the Aussies were so photogenic.

Cruz the crowd pleaser:

(There’s a jump under him somewhere, but I have heard that Aussies are overachievers)

Indi wanted a say in where they were headed next:

Kane had a chat with Dexter before his run and learned that drooling in the weaves is considered top form!

Lizzy, just being lovely:

Not everydog competing was an Aussie though.

Lorelei, who won The High In Trial for not-Aussies:

Maverick, who doesn’t even really do agility, but his mum really wanted an agility photo of him!

But my favourite photos are of the Contacts That Weren’t :)  Like Six, who was feeling extra sproingy:

But it’s the Sadist’s Neko who wins the No Touching award:

There are lots more where that came from!  You can check them all out on smugmug.

It was super fun, I would do it again!  Though it was not cheap, as I had to rent the lens and take a day off work, and I spent hours every evening editing them so they’d be up quickly, so hopefully lots of people buy lots of photos of their dogs.

Meanwhile, my poor dogs have been so neglected that nobody takes photos of them.

Ender here is about to be abducted by an alien spacecraft – clearly visible just behind him – and I wouldn’t even have noticed, as I was glued to photoshop.

Piper is pretty happy with the way things are going, but she’s got dementia or something, so nobody really listens to her anymore.

The weather turned after the trial, and remained rainy and un-sunny for the duration of the week that I had the lens before returning it, so I didn’t get to really use it all for personal stuff.  But obviously I need a new fancier camera so as to enjoy it to its full potential.  Definitely.  ;-)


  1. That is so funny … You said exactly the same about Indi as I did!!!

  2. Evie Douglas says:

    Great pics as usual! I wish I could have been there. And, by the way, it isn’t High in Trial for Not Aussies, but High in Trial Other Breed. As I bet you already know. Fun to see people & dogs that I know.

  3. I checked out your pictures. If you were taking pics of MY dogs, I’d buy EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. They are awesome, and I think you captured some shots and angles a lot of photographers wouldn’t have bothered with, but an owner would love to have.

  4. Well done!!

  5. You’re pictures are gorgeous! I hope I can take pictures like that some day!

  6. I adore outtake agility photos.

    For instance, the one of that fancy new horizontal plank obstacle. A cross between the table and dog walk, I’m sure!

  7. I love your photos, the action shots are amazing. Also, Ender totally looks like Mr. Burns in that photo.

  8. I am so fond of an Aussie photo! Thank you for sharing these.

  9. I’ve rented that same lens before and lots of my action shots were blurry. I felt like I got better shots with my cheap 70-300 4-5.6. I’m not a professional photographer and I thought maybe I was doing something wrong.

  10. Thank you for putting me in Aussie Heaven!

  11. Your Aussie pictures made me miss agility so much – as if I didn’t miss it enough w/o the reminders. I hope you sell enough pictures to make that new camera within reach.

  12. Great shots! I love the, “hmmm… My contact point is actually 8″ to my right…” pix. I think my 13.5 yr old has a touch of dementia.

  13. Beautiful pix! Best comment ever from a photographer: Most dogs I can set up and get a shot, but with your dogs I never know where they’re going to go….

    Serves me right for running agility with basenjis!

  14. Absolutely stunning,!! you capture the fun, the seriousness, the essence of the dog, as well as the bond between both dog and handler. I have my favourites of course but they are all great, the Aussie club should be paying you just to promote their breed. These photos inspire me to have one after seeing all these !! these are so much superior than just the kind they take at the end of a show with the judge and the handler in the same position, on the same table or whatever over and over, I can’t see why anyone would turn down these fabulous “in action” photos, this is the kind I would want of my dogs… major kudos, on a job well done and thank you for sharing with us !!

  15. I find the first few days of any lens to be incredibly frustrating. How much time did you have pre-trial? The good ones you got are *really* though. Tack sharp.

    That Neko sure grew into a handsome fellow.
    Might be because he looks so much like a BC, though. :P

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