Oh Chute

I bought a chute off one of those Facebook bidding sites last week.  Who knew you could get agility equipment from those places?  Equipment is so expensive; I can never afford to buy any, so this was a nice find.  Now I need to find some cheap jumps, because the PVC contraptions I have just fall down when they see Dexter coming.  They’ve just given up staying up.

Speaking of agility, Li’l Miss Mopey is back to her old self at practice, flying around the course.  I don’t know what crawled up her precious little butt at Regionals, but it sure ruined our weekend!

I am still very proud of Dexter.  I am still very chuffed about 9th place, such a huge improvement over last year.  He is a lot more fun to run now that he is actually playing with me rather than in spite of me.

Still crazy though.

But crazy in a good way now.  Mostly.

I thought more people would be proud of Dexter too, but the dearth of commentary on my blog lately makes me wonder if I am just blogging into the ether these days.  I’m not whining or begging for comments; I know I don’t blog as much lately (hey come on, I have been blogging for almost NINE YEARS … it’s hard to keep up that pace!) but if nobody’s reading any more, maybe it’s time to say buh bye to Wootube?  People like the entries on Facebook and stuff, but comments have been trailing off into nothingness, and Wootube doesn’t want to be that guy at the party that just. won’t. go home.

So tell me folks – is Wootube’s time done and gone?  Should we shake hands, part ways and go about our lives?

Speak up!  Don’t be chicken!

And especially don’t be one of my chickens.  I raised 10 beautiful day-olds at work until they were old enough to go in with the big hens, and after less than two weeks at home, the coyotes busted into the pen and ate ALL TEN OF THEM IN ONE NIGHT.  I am so sick of this damn coyote, I cannot begin to tell you.  All that time and money and effort down the drain.

I admit it’s hard to find time to blog. The irony is that I am excited for the nice weather so that we can take photos, but the nice weather brings a lot more outdoor chores to get done.  The dogs are sure enjoying their outdoor time though.

Ender and Addy always look like they are auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance when Ender tries to play with Addy.

I had a line on a potential home for Ender with an Italian Greyhound owner, but she stopped corresponding with me last week for no discernible reason.  Poor Ender, even people who have not met him are annoyed by him :(

Addy and I are getting our agility on though.  At practice this week I actually got her focused enough to do a short sequence that included an A-Frame.  Her attention span is short, but I think with some effort, and an appropriate frisbee reward, we might actually be a fun team some day!

It’s going to be weird though, because she is so wee.  Here’s a photo of her with TWooie so you can see how small she really is.

TWooie is not a huge dog, maybe 17″ at the shoulder.

This entry is also not going to be huge, cuz the dogs are nagging at me for their dinner.

So here’s a photo of Tweed radiating Tweedness. He’s such a wicked awesome dog.


  1. Oh gosh, PLEASE do not stop blogging! I check back with you often, and I’ve been following for years and years and years. It’s wonderful to see the continuing adventures of dogs I’ve come to know and love, and your photography is gorgeous. I enjoy your writing style a lot, and it’s been very fun to watch you grow and change and search for balance in what could be a completely overwhelming lifestyle. <3

  2. Please don’t stop, I’ve been reading this blog for years and it’s one of my favorites (even if I am 18 days behind on blog reading)! I want to keep hearing all about you and the dogs, and the photography is a fantastic supplement to your wonderful writing.

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