Cuz It Was Thriller …

… Thriller Twooooo

That’s actually TWooie’s “Where’s The Bunny?!?!” face.  Just before I belted out that tantalizing phrase, he looked like this:

But today was actually pretty thrilling.  Dexter and I entered a few runs in a Masters Games trial – he is only in Masters Gamblers and of course Steeplechase, so we zipped over for 4 runs (two of each).  He only Q’d two of the four things he was entered in (one Gamble, one Steeplchase), so maybe not the most stellar performance, but …  ALL THE WEAVES!  ALL of them!  He was SO GOOD.  He nailed every entry, he stayed in the poles, and he even got a really difficult mini gamble where he had to weave six poles far away in one direction and six poles the other way a little closer … twice!  It was magical, all of a sudden Dexter understands weaving!

I am so proud of him … everything is finally – finally – coming together for us in the ring.  He is listening to me and watching for direction and being a team player!  He can at last put that on his resume!  It is so much more fun to run with him now.

Plus he got the mostest points of everydog.



What a good boy he is!  I think you can watch his Gambler’s run here.  (I’m not sure.  Dropbox confuses me)

See, it just goes to show that with enough hard work and determination, you can do anything you want to do!

Except eat your friends.  You cannot eat your friends, ADDY.

What Addy is carrying off to consume is the wing of what was, yesterday, my rooster.  Today that rooster is a pile of feathers and, apparently, one wing that the coyote left behind.  I HATE THIS COYOTE SO MUCH.  I latched the coop door but forgot to put the heavy beam against the door before bed, so  I guess the bastard got in that way and ate my last rooster.  It’s super depressing.  I have only a dozen chickens left and I’m scared to get more because they’ll just be consumed.  HATE. HATE. HATE.

So to recap: Dexter is awesome, coyotes suck, and you can’t eat your friends.

Why does nobody listen to me??

Poor Alibi … her adoptive home did not work out.  Poor me, I still have 11 dogs in my house.  Alibi needs to find a home of her own, as does Ender.

But I bringed you a frisbee, so you luff me now.

Yesterday Ender decided to CHASE people up the road yodeling at them.  Not only is that so not cool, but imagine if you were a not-a-dog-person and a little screaming skeleton came flying down the road after you?  You’d piss your pants!  Poor people out for an afternoon stroll.  I don’t even know why he did it – people walk up and down the road all day long and he ignores them, plus we were nowhere near the damn road when he took off.

I wish he didn’t drive me so crazy.  It’s kind of cool to have a dog that looks like Mr. Burns.

Since the trial ended early for me, I had time for group play with the other dogs afterward.

And just being awesome :)

And tomorrow it’s back to work :(  I wanted to go to this but I can’t.  So you should go instead!

ETA: I never win contests like this, but 100 bonus entries can’t hurt my chances, so I’m giving it a whirl!

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  1. A very bold, mean head coyote tried to eat Noodle, who isn’t an actual Noodle, but a JRT. Got a nibble of his behind! I hope your coyote gets taken care of soon!

  2. Chicken coops need electric fencing to keep coyotes out. Trust me, a few lines of electric fencing will work miracles.

    Yay for you and Dexter!

    I hope you find new homes for those that need ’em so your pack can be manageably sized again :)

  3. Barbaraf says:

    Way to go Dexter!!!! Love your posts FL! Hugs to your pack!

  4. Laura in California says:

    Sorry about your Roo, bad coyote, bad! Nice job with Dexter and I have a question..what is an All Canadian breed?

  5. That was an absolutely awesome run. He did a great job working at a distance, and he responded to your voice really well! Go Dexter Go!

  6. Your description of a yodeling skeleton had me chortling in my morning tea. You’re going to have to describe in in more *glowing* terms if you want to palm him off on someone… :) It’s tough having chickens – there are millions of predators out there, just waiting for a free meal. I agree with the other commenter – put yourself a length of electronet around the coop. Congrats to Dexter the Fabulous! And, oh, that Tweed. What an incredibly handsome dog he is.

  7. “yodeling skeleton..” HAHAHA!!

  8. Congrats to you and Dex!

    Ok…that first pic of Twoo and “yodeling skeleton”? I LOL’d.

    To the person above: “All Canadian” is a Canadian mixed breed dog.

  9. suzanne says:

    I was going to suggest electric fencing as well. I used it when I lived where we had many, many deer who used to consume all my landscaping. it’s not very expensive and if you get a high voltage transformer it will effectively run about 5 miles of wire. just flip it on when you take the dogs in from their last run at night. works like a charm. I would like to have chickens but the problems here are not four-footed. they are two footed… we have red tailed hawks nesting here and they have managed to eat all my doves, all my chipmunks and most of the bunnies. I really would like to shoot them but it is illegal here to shoot any/all raptors.

  10. Yay Dexter–he just needed time to grow up and mature. And now he’s there. Love Twooie when he’s all riled up! And will send hate waves from MD toward your coyote.

  11. Janice in GA says:

    Woohoo Dexter! Way to go!

  12. wow! the gamblers run is great, he was listening and doing ! was it the hiatus rest periods that worked? practicing or Dex maturing or all of the above ? plain to see he luvs you and wants to please .. congratulations to you both ..

  13. I thought of your pack yesterday when I ran into an IG, skeletal and shaking like a leaf, that some idiot had dragged up a hiking trail in the pouring rain. When I asked if the dog actually *liked* hiking, the Idiot answered, “He does okay.” The poor dog looked miserable. Frightened, freezing, and shaking. I wish more people would learn about dogs before getting them.

  14. I’m so (vicariously) proud of Dexter. He gives me hope that my idiot dog might obey me some day.

  15. Isn’t it wonderful when they “turn on”? I remember the first time I felt we were a team when I ran Rio and, again, when Gracie deigned to run the same course i was running. Dexter’s distance work is beautiful. Congratulations to you both!

    Are Woo’s legs getting shorter or is his stomach getting rounder – it seems closer to the ground. :-) Just teasing – I love Mr. Woo

  16. RachelB says:

    “It’s kind of cool to have a dog that looks like Mr. Burns.”

    Oh, my. He really does. Too funny!

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