I Believe I Can Fly …

I believe I can hump this guy ….

I dig a hole near ’bout every day…

I don’t care what The Food Lady say…

Your punny songs are boring.


Oh hey, ‘member us?  It’s been a few weeks, I know.  The days are getting longer, but somehow there is way less time in the day to do stuff.  How does that work?  My weekend is nearly over, and I need at least one more day to get everything done.  So this entry will be a short and sweet update.

The gang is well.

Except Spring managed to slice her leg wide open running off a coyote that has been eating my chickens with reckless abandon.

Had to get her stitched up.  Two days later, she decided the cone was too small to prevent her from eating her stitches out, so … she ate her stitches out.

Got her leg restitched.  Four days later she decided the new, bigger cone was too loose to stay on her head to prevent her from eating her stitches out, so … she shook the cone off her head and ate her stitches out.


But she’s healing up nonetheless.  Of course, it means that she has not been able to go to agility practice for a couple of weeks, which is two less weeks to get her prepped for Regionals, which is just 5 weeks away.

Dexter says he is ready.  Ready for WHAT is the question.  As is his SOP, he was stellar at the trial last night – it was first time in Masters Gamblers; he got a Q with a second place in his first Gamblers, and a Q with a first place in his second Gamblers.  Nobody came close to him on points for the second one, he was amazing.

That means he will lose his mind at Regionals, as per usual.

He’s an ass, as is Ender.

My love/hate relationship with Ender continues. I had this whole rant about how “intelligent and eager to please” clearly is a relative term, because this is not how I would describe IGs at all.  “Diabolical, willful and perpetually ravenous” seems a better breed description to me.  At any rate, I ran out of energy to write it, because the Iggies are exhausting … also THEY STOLE AND ATE MY BREAKFAST so I’m starving AND exhausted.

Tweed also finds them exhausting, and does not fall for the supplicant’s dance of appeasement.

Actually he is very tolerant of Addy, and seems to like her a little bit, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to share his Kong Boomerang toy no matter how much she knocks her head on the earth.

Eventually, of course, she will get hold of it.  It’s one of the few toys she shows sustained interest in.  She has the attention span of a crackhead.

In 10 days, Tweed is going to be 14 years old!

Which is why I don’t have to share my toys.

He is also doing really well, even though he fell face first into the wading pool the other day and had to be bodily hauled out as he couldn’t figure out which way was up.  But he’s otherwise doing marvelously for 14!

Piper has some wicked arthritis in her “good” leg, so her whole back end is failing her these days.  She falls down a lot.  But she’s still fierce.

And Gemma is even doing well!  We thought she was maybe dying, as she had a wicked cough and would sometimes fall over and almost pass out after a coughing session.  Once she had a seizure.  Turns out she still had a low grade infection left over from The Time Of Terrible Teeth and it got quite nasty, so she is on another course of stronger antibiotics to try and beat it back.  She must be feeling better, as she has been beating up the puppies at work, and even plays “chase me” games with me now sometimes!

Of course, she LOOKS ridiculous.  Captain Greybeard.

I’m going to take her in for grooming this week.  I am thinking a goatee and a mohawk would suit her nicely.  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that dogs that require clipping could be so much fun??

Everything else around her is par for the course.



and content :)

I will try to find more time for blogging, I promise!  It would help if you’d come over and mow my lawn ….


  1. Good to see you back! I’m glad the crew is doing well. Iggies sound just like sighthounds. My basenjis would cheerfully steal my breakfast, given a chance. After 20 or so years, I’ve gotten very crafty about hiding my food.

  2. Christine says:

    Do you have a rider mower with a beer holder? If so I’d consider it :)

  3. Clairesmum says:

    Glad to see what’s up with the Food Lady and her gang! Tweed is wearing his years quite well. With that sweet, slightly fuzzled look at the goings-on around him….tell Piper that gravity is just not her friend sometimes but she is still my favorite member of your family!

  4. Sally Peace says:

    My Violet, who is almost a dead ringer for your Piper, is having the same troubles with her back end failing her. Violet also sits like a bulldog. :) But VI is still She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed in our pack, as I’m sure Piper is in yours. Give her my best, please.

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