The Rule of Old Dogs

The first rule of old dogs:  Old Dogs Rule

I tried to get some outdoor photos today, I really did, but I had one of those days where the weather is OUT TO GET ME.  It was sunny all morning whilst I ran around doing errands.  It was sunny while I unloaded and put away groceries, and threw in a load of wash.  It began to sprinkle as soon as the dogs and I stepped outside.  It started peeing when I popped back inside to get my camera.  It stopped for a bit while we played ball, so I ran back to the house to get the camera again…meanwhile, it started throwing down buckets of sideways water outside.  I gave up on the camera and took the dogs for a walk at the back of the property.  Once I’d dried everyone off and got them all back in the house, the sun came out again.  It’s been out for 4 hours.


So instead, you’ll have to settle for a few posed shots of The Most Beautiful Dog In The World.

We ultrasounded the old man yesterday, and his heart is good and strong and all the lumps and bumps I was worried about are mere lipomas.  He’s in great shape for almost 14!

Tomorrow Dexter, Spring and me are entered in an agility trial.  It’s almost that time of year – the Waffling Will-I-Or-Won’t-I enter Dex in Regionals season.  I have to say he has been doing very good at weekly practice.  Maybe it just took almost-five-years for him to grow up and learn that he has a brain rattling around in that bean of his.  He may never be a National Champion, but at long last he is actually pretty fun to play with these days!

Happy Pi Day everyone!


  1. I LOVES the Tweed! <3, <3, <3……

  2. Glad to know Tweed is still strong.

  3. He haz handsum.

  4. Tweed is the most handsomest dog evah. LOVE his pics.

  5. Janice in GA says:

    The Georgia Branch of the Tweed Fan Club loves this post. Rock on, old Tweed. :)

  6. Yay, Tweed!

  7. You know, it took 7 years for River to learn how to roll over. Of course, I can only get that instead of a down now. ;) And it only took her 5 mins to learn ‘around’ to go around me for the next frisbee throw. It’s all about priorities ;)

  8. Love the pictures of Tweed and, yes, old dogs rule. BUT tap tap tap … waiting for a report and pictures from the trial.

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