A Day (5) Late and A Dollar (many) Short

2014.  Wow.  Do you all realize I started this blog almost 8 years ago, when I first adopted Mr. Woo?  Man, can I prattle on for YEARS!

2013 in review:

Piper broke.  But we fixed her.

(Dexter tried to compromise himself to help pay for it, but I didn’t let him)

I brought home dog

… after dog

… after dog

… after dog

A couple even stayed!

Had my heart nearly broken a couple of times

(This is Gemma; I have not told you about her yet.  She came in as a stray with her legs MATTED TOGETHER, nails curled around into her paw pads, hair one big bird’s nest, teeth rotting out of her head … she is 5lbs soaking wet.  NOW.  Now that we have removed the giant cancerous tumour that was growing out of her abdomen, a tumour as big as her head :(  Oh Surrey, why don’t you take better care of your dogs?)

Speaking of cancer, Tweed DID NOT HAZ (yay!)



Dexter qualified for Nationals! (even with crazy face)

And Miss Springaling got herself on the podium at her first Regional event.  *proud*

(And they both got their ADC titles.   More miracles!)

We tried out some new hobbies

Like Lure Coursing

and Barn Hunt

Said “farewell” to some good friends

And sadly said good bye for real to some others.

RIP Tucker

(and Teddy, and Zena – beloved all, missed by many)

And then, because I like to end my year with a bang, my truck engine seized and the whole thing went kaput.  Boo.

So today I bought a new (to me) one.

new car

It’s easy to think of all the things you’ve lost in a year, or the things you don’t have.  This year, I resolve to focus on all the things I DO have and don’t ever want to lose.

Happy New Year, to all our friends.  Let’s make 2014 an awesome one.

(also, I shall try to blog more. Honest)


  1. So is Winter officially a member of the WooCrew now? Or are you still trying to adopt him out?

  2. Sheena, the more dogs you have the less you blog….. appreciate what you do, but I think your blog is important in the world too, it helps folks understand many things about rescues and some issues dogs and their foster and forever families face. Wish you could find folks close to you that you could share the wealth with….then you would have more time for your own pack… and us, your loyal readership. Probably not going to happen though, as your heart is way larger than your home or budget…. but that is what we love about you!

  3. Wonderful review, FL. I never cease to be amazed by your energy and enthusiasm for the work you do. Happy 2014 to you and your lovely, hairy family!

  4. Great 2013 wrap-up and great family picture – eight dogs and one of them you went out of your way to adopt! Lucky eight dogs I should add.

    Happy New Year, Food Lady, I hope 2014 is all you want it to be and that you blog about it and share it with us!

  5. Happy New Year to you and your dogs too, Food Lady. xxxx

  6. Laura in California says:

    Great retrospective, Piper sure has come a long way this year, whew! Yes to more blogs this year please, it’s nice to see how the gang is doing and see what comes your way via your (paying) gig. All the best to you and your pack this year!

  7. Schnitzie/Andrea says:

    I noticed that, yes, you now have 8 dogs, but six of them are pairs: like the Border Collies, the Terriers, the WooTwo and Tiny + Tweed. So they don’t really FEEL like 8. It seems more manageable anyway, now that you’re out on the farm. After all, you managed 4 plus fosters in a tiny city apartment. Now you’ve got all that room to expand. More fun for everyone.

    Okay, 9 with Gemma, but at 5 lbs, she’s really Number 8 and a 1/4. =:-D

  8. Holy cannoli! And I thought I was a fool for taking in a *third* dog! Good for you, but darned if I know how you do it…

  9. Wootube is one of my favorite things on the internet. Actually, change that, it’s one of my favorite things period. :) Thank you for sharing with us, and a very happy 2104 to you and the pups!

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