The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Sometimes also known as “Wootie and his soccer ball.”

You know how sometimes you are so overwhelmed with a feeling of love and longing for something that you just want to ingest  it and have it inside of you FOREVER?

Yeah, so does Woo.

What he didn’t love was me separating him from his beloved and bringing all the other dogs back inside, but it’s COLD out there.  Like the kind of cold that could ACTUALLY freeze Hell, I am certain of it.  It’s a few degrees below zero and dropping fast, and there is an icy woooo-oooing (not to be confused with Woo, or Woo wooing his soccer ball) wind outside that is finding every fissure and cranny in my house, sneaking inside and creeping up my pantlegs.  Brrr.

Fortunately I have a little space heater, that goes by the name of Addy AKA TinyDog.  She spends a good 80% of her time living inside my sweatshirt; even though she has her own clothes, she seems to prefer wearing mine.  Of course, many of hers are ill fitting hand-me-downs.

(sorry this photo is so shitty; my go-to lens is giving up the ghost)

Poor thing.  Her adoptive family dragged her out of sunny California and dropped her into the middle of what feels like the arctic!  Then we dress her poorly and make her share clothes with her MOM.

I wish I was still a California girl.

But at least she has made some friends here.  The terriers like her quite a bit, even though they are sometimes a bit on the rough side.

And after an initially frosty reception, even TWooie (!) has thawed (trust Mr. Contrary to thaw in the middle of a cold snap) and deemed her play-with-able.

She has a very lovely personality. She likes everyone she meets, big or small.  She is not nervous or insecure like some small dogs can be.  She does shiver/shake all the time, but that’s because she has no hair.  And she is right into everything that’s going on like a real dog.

But she cannot tolerate the cold at all, hence why she lives inside my jacket during our morning and evening walks.

She is a pretty cool little dog, even if she doesn’t really look like any kind of greyhound.

That’s her new friend “Hot Coffee” a greyhound available for adoption at my shelter.

She even made friends with Bumble!

You know how we do Christmas photos with Santa and the Grinch every year?  Well this year I wanted to do Bumble, from Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer, the stop-motion film.  It’s my favourite Christmas show; I still have the LP (that’s a vinyl record for all you whippersnappers out there) narrated by Burl Ives.  But you just TRY and find a Bumble costume, anywhere.  It’s f*cking impossible.

So, because I am me, and I am tenacious like a terrier and obsessive like a border collie, I had one made!  My coworker Mia, who is uber talented, made Bumble with a magical blend of her creativity, paper mache and some liquid latex and fake fur.  And because I put my money where my mouth is, at last weekend’s sitting I became Bumble!

(excuse my appearance, but I had Bumble hair)

We’re doing another session at Triple Tree Nurseries in Maple Ridge tomorrow, so come on out and visit!

And if you want to do something else Good tomorrow, go visit God’s Little Acre Farm for their skating fundraiser.  These folks donate incredible amounts of food to the local foodbanks and community members in need.

Go forth and give back, friends!


  1. I think she’s an iggie/rat terrier. Mark (husband) says I am biased ( I do loves me a terrier)


    Those are the best coats for Iggys and Iggy crosses per the local Iggy folks. It’s cold here too -4 actual temp, minus -24 Real Feel and that’s Farenheit. Supposed to go down quite a bit further overnight. Brr….

    Love the Bumble!

  3. I want Hot Coffee! A greyhound is on my must-adopt list; someday it WILL happen!

  4. Dede in PA says:

    Rudolph is my favorite, too. I can recite every word and sing every note along with the characters. And I also have the LP!!

  5. Hooray for TinyDog! She brought the blog back to life, and for that we will always love her!

    Stay warm, little one. Even in Canada, summer does come eventually.

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