Why I won’t live past Halloween

This is why.

This could also be why.

Or this.

But I’m pretty sure it’s this.

Or perhaps I might die of the cute?

This is Holly, my new foster dog.

She’s a 6 month old border collie tres cute.  She came with the name Bonny, but whenever I said her name she cowered and ran away, so I changed it and we’re already making happy progress.

Now she is glued to me all the time, and it’s hard to get rid of her.

She needs some confidence building in the worst way.  But I guess I’ll have time to help her with that, because my beloved Kieren leaves for his new home tomorrow (insert sad face here).

I know he’s going to a fantastic home – I could not have asked for better.  He has big shoes to fill, but if I know my KK, he can step up.

He’s been part of my life for 10 months.  And he’s a treasure.  I will miss him like crazy :(

Good bye, my handsome friend.

Even though I’m sad, this can still make me smile:

Doesn’t Winter look like someone pounded Spring with a hammer a bunch of times?

They are like slightly irregular bookends.



  1. YAY! Kieran! That is such wonderful news! And it looks like he couldn’t be going to a better home.

    So happy for him!

  2. LOL at the pic of Tweed with the nose! Don’t let Woo and Twooie see Tweed in the rabbit get-up! After all, we want Tweed to live FOREVER!

  3. omg I could not stop laughing at Tweed hahahahaha!

  4. Spring is the mostest beautifulest lurcher girl evah!

  5. Oh, Kieran is going to Solo’s Melanie! I had lost track of them and am sad to hear she lost Solo this year :c( But you’re right – what an awesome Mom he will have, especially if he has to leave YOU. Holly is beautiful, but I know you will miss Kieran. Your pack doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller ;c)

  6. clairesmum says:

    Kieran’s next chapter looks to be a wonderful one…..so glad he was with you and your pack for all that he needed to learn before he could be ready to move again….the dogs in costumes are very cute, tho claire would not EVER be seen in anything more elaborate than a bandana (or her stylish winter coat, of course). Winter and Spring are a pair….you called her his ‘sister wife’ when she arrived, and that seems just right. Looking forward to hearing more about Holly….and hoping that Twooie stays on his best behavior so as not to awaken the wrath of the Food Lady! take care.

  7. There is only one possible caption for Tweed’s pictures: “How could you?” Poor Tweed. Great news about Kieran but it must be so hard for you. Hope Holly helps – she looks like a sweetie. As someone else said, your pack never seems to get smaller – and probably never will as long as there dogs out there needing you. Or dogs you simply fall in love with. Great picture of Spring and Winter as “mismatched bookends”. I miss pictures of the terrible twosome.

  8. how did Melanie find both you and Kieran? is she a follower of your wonderful blog, did you meet her at regionals etc? just curious

  9. guess since we haven’t heard from you in a while the dogs got their revenge for halloween. Hope all is well.

  10. Ha ha! thanks for the laughs!!! Tweet looks hilarious… sorry buddy!
    the irregular bookends gave me a good chuckle; I love the description of Winter looking like someone pounded Spring with a hammer a bunch of times :) Now that you mention…Yes!

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