Tweed: Cancer-free since 2000!!!!!

Those of you who follow us on Facebook already know this, but the results came back from Histovet yesterday and Tweed DOES NOT have cancer!  Yay!!


Oh look at me, I’m Tweed, and I have a hurt foot, and it’s all about me.

Knock it off TWooie, or I’ll make you be buddies with Martine.

I hate you.

Yeah, well, hate her all you want.  Martini is leaving for her new home on Tuesday.

Too bad the last photos I took of her see her sporting Winter’s old belly band.  Not to keep her from peeing, obviously, but to stop her from licking her stitches.  Collies are divas and throw hissy fits about being asked to wear plastic cones.

We will miss her royal countenance, yippy demands, and even the nip to the back of the ankle I get when breakfast is too slow to arrive for her liking.

But I will still have TWEED!  Hurrah!  Until the end of time, because he does not have cancer!

Because Tweed is a one-of-a-kind dog who does everything in extraordinary ways, he did not have cancer-tumours on his foot, he had, umm, he had … this:


I only speak English, not … whatever language that is, but the short version is that something bothered / inflamed Tweed’s toe, so he licked it.  While he licked it, it got more irritated and grew some more, and invited a friend to the party to get back at him for licking it.  Not sure what started the whole thing off, but I am going to blame a wasp, just because wasps really piss me off.

I wonder if TWooie will get some on the inside of his elbows, being that he is the dog in the household that licks himself as a stress reliever.

Anyway … YAY!  I am full of yay, and not much else :)  I am so relieved my boy is going to be okay!


  1. I concur! Yay! Yay! Yay!

    So he gets to keep ALL his toes? Yay!

  2. Yay! (But I am going to miss the pics of Martine.)

  3. I’m so happy for Tweed…and you.

  4. So happy to read Tweed’s good news!!! And I take it Twooie is back home?

  5. I am SO happy at this WONDERFUL news!

  6. Oh yay! Congratulations!

  7. So, so, so and so happy for Tweedle!!! Yay! He will indeed live forever. Largely because he is the handsomest dog on the planet :c)

  8. Spring Ahead says:

    SO grateful for Tweed’s non-cancer health!

    Sorry to see Martine go but she and TFL have touched us all.

  9. Hurrah for Tweed and his wonderful unique toes! Has Twooie returned for a visit? Hope you are all healthy.

  10. Wooohoooo! so very happy Tweed is going to be alright. Thank dog.

    bye, martine. have a good life.

  11. YAY YAY YAY!

  12. Maria Shanley says:

    Very glad for Tweed and Martine both!

  13. YAY! What else is there to say? Except that Twqooie seems to be back? Visiting or for good? Have a good life Martine! You, too, Tweed and Food Lady!

  14. so glad to hear that Tweed gets too keep his toes, and you get to keep him forever!

  15. What happy news!

  16. Ohboyohboyohboy that is such good news. I can stop holding my breath now. Thank you, whoever decided that Tweed did not have to have cancer. The world is a better place today.

    Also thank you for the pictures of Twooie and ol’ Needleteeth. I don’t need one of those, but she sure is cute.

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