Puppy Has A Dogface

Why WHY must my puppy grow up?  Cute puppy is becoming a dog face now.  Contrary to some accusations on Facebook (*cough*FIONA*cough*) I did NOT shave puppy’s face … she is just getting some grown up dog fur :(

She’s still cute and everything, but I miss her squashy smooshy puppy face.

I think I have found a home with her, with someone who was competing at Regionals.  They are going to come meet her next week.  I guess she’ll grow up to be an agility dog!


Spring says Monster does not have a serious agility dog face.  Serious agility dog faces look like this:

I was idly thumbing through the aggregate scores from Regionals and realized that if Spring had run exactly the way she did BUT had gotten her contact in the first Standard, her bonus points would have shot her into SECOND PLACE.  How amazing is that for her first ever Regionals?  I am so proud of my little monster.

No, not THIS monster.  THIS monster got herself tangled in the deer netting when I gave her shit for trying to chase chickens.

She will never have the poise and grace of my whipjack!

She’d be lucky to have crazy dog face, even.

Speaking of crazy dog, here are the rest of his videos, as promised:

This is the Gamble where he racked up crazy amount of opening points, and then lost his nut at the first jump in the closing Gamble, and the buzzer went when he was still mid-jump over the last obstacle, so we didn’t do it in time.  Admittedly, I was being greedy and trying to get both minis twice, so we were all the way across the ring when we had to start gambling, but seriously – if he had just taken the flippin’ jump in front of him, he would have had plenty of time! #frustrating

This was the other gamble, where he simply could NOT do either mini – the first one was to go through the tunnels under the dog walk back to back, but his brain does not work that way.  The other was two sets of 6 weaves at a distance, one heading away and the other coming back.  I didn’t even try that one.  I am always somewhat flabbergasted at how he will take anything in front of him that I DON’T want him to take, but runs circles around the things I DO want him to take.  It’s also ironic that a dog that loves to work at a distance doesn’t want to go away from me in Gambles.  I should have named him “Contrary.”

And finally, here is Standard 2.  This was a particularly wonderful experience wherein he, for the first time in the history of Dexter, did not hold his start line stay and took off without me.  Then he does that really awesome thing where for NO REASON WHATSOEVER he decides to run behind me instead of taking the jump directly in his path.  And finally, because what run would be complete without Dexter royally f*cking up his weave poles … he f*cks up his weave poles.

*shakes fist at Dexter*


  1. “I should have named him “Contrary.”

    Ha. And then you can stand in the middle of the ring and yell *KHAN!!!!*


  2. suzanne says:

    Since you said Dexter likes working at a distance into my knows-nothing-about-dog-sports mind pops the question as to whether or not he might like herding?

  3. That close-up of Spring is beautiful, she has lovely eyes. She sure lucked out ending up with you! :)

  4. Katie, Mitzi, Pickles, and Sage says:

    heh heh heh. You totally need to change his name to Khan. You could have so much fun yelling at him when he goes googly-brained!!

  5. Riosmom says:

    I think Dexter is going to be fantastic when his mind kicks in – he is all heart and drive now and just needs focus and self-control. Meanwhile I feel your pain. Thanks for the videos!

  6. I love how you put your hands on your hips while he is trying to figure out the weave poles and then he looks at you like “oh yeah” and then manages his way through. Just think about all the patience and perseverance you are learning from Dexter. :-)

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