Dexter VS Spring

Naturally we did not get his clean Jumpers run on video, but this one is almost as good – only one off course.  He really has a hard time not taking what he sees in front of him, even when I am asking him to call off of it, so it’s something we really need to work on (still/more/forever etc).  You can see how wide he goes when asked to turn, and how he almost took the tunnel pretty much every time he saw one after a jump.  He is a wide running dog naturally, even in daily life (his recalls involve an outrun, I swear) so I need to learn how to rein him in!  The good news is … no bars down like last year!

Spring, OTOH, ran this Jumpers very nice.  She is still a little slow at the beginning of runs buts gets faster as her confidence grows.  She and Dexter had very close times, because she’s not as fast or as LONG but jumped everything tight.  By the end of the run, my good girlie is clearly having fun :)  She is just a gem.

I’m a lucky girl to have such a fun little partner!

There are a few more videos I will try to upload later this week.


  1. I expected to see a crazy dexter but he is trying really hard to do what you want. I don’t see crazy at all. Well done!

  2. Riosmom says:

    Thank you, thank you! Dexter is getting there! And Spring is a love – she flew over the last few jumps. Looking forward to the rest of the videos. Again, thanks for thinking of your fans who are not on FB.

  3. Thanks for the videos! Dexter looked pretty good for a tunnel-suck! And Spring is just delightful.

  4. What a good little WhipJack she is!

    Dexter didn’t look half bad, I can think of several local Border Collies that run wide like he does. They do great in NADAC Chances courses!!

  5. minabey says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations. =)

  6. How wonderful Spring has ended up being “the agility dog” I heart springaling

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