You know you want it!

Dexter, OTOH, does NOT want it.

Meet Bagel, the 5 lb, 10 week old Mini American Eskimo puppy.  She was dropped off at the shelter today, and she was just so itty bitty I had to take her home to foster.

She is such a GOOD puppy.  Hardly makes a peep, even when she gets run over by the Big Kids.  So frickin’ cute!

She’ll soon be up for adoption.  Interested?  Send me a message!

As for me, today I got what *I* wanted:

I made my own chicken!  Well, I mean, my chickens made it.  It’s the first chick my hens have ever hatched out.  How cute is he/she?


  1. Kristen says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m a sucker for eskies, those are my dog addiction. Luckily I have a one-dog-per-person rule at our house, so we’re full up!! They are adorable, but they are super-smart and will spend the rest of their lives figuring out how to train you to do their bidding :) But I love their happy, curious, fun-loving nature. Make sure she gets lots of love and positive training. They’re the best dogs ever, mine make me laugh every day!

  2. I luf Bagel…so much cuteness! My last name is Daigle, so she would be Bagel Daigle…any extra points for that…?????

  3. Oh. My. God. Dexter became evil and grew horns.

    I hope someone good snatches up the little cute white ball of fur!

  4. Arwen Lune says:

    Oh gods. Yes I do. WANT!
    And added to my list of breeds to look into when I’m finally ready for a dog. Though I don’t think you get them over here in Europe. Woe.

  5. Dexter! OMG he’s funny! The little one is cute as can be, but I don’t think cute counts for much in Dexter’s opinion.

  6. Laura in California says:

    How can somebody part with such a cute pup?! I bet Dexter is praying her days as a foster are very short. Congrats on the chickie, very exciting!

  7. Maybe I’m missing it, but don’t see anything about where you’re located (re: Bagel). Do you still have her?

  8. Lonneke says:

    Oh yes, I do!!
    Too bad I live on another continent!

  9. More chick photos, please!

    I have wee baby quail (gambels) in my front yard, and they are about three days out of the shell and already loosing that cute fluff.

    Need a fluff fix!

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