What’s Up Buttercup

I hate buttercups so much, the creeping, invasive little suckers with their cheery yellow blossoms.  This year Dexter’s daily coconut oil is really helping him beat the buttercup rash, but he still has a big itchy strip down the center of his chest.

Fortunately, not everyone is allergic to them, and they do make for some adorable photos.

I mean, it really doesn’t get more adorable than this.

SOME dogs didn’t want to sit in amongst the buttercups, but wanted to be adorable anyway.

It’s been rainy the last several days, so I didn’t want to like on the ground for you this afternoon.  Instead I shot blind, with the camera held down to the ground and randomly shooting.  Still worked out pretty good!

Insanity is compelling from all kinds of angles, I guess.

Someone must have told Dexter that I entered him in Regionals, because as soon as I sent the payment, he forgot how to play agility again.  At class this week I threatened to stick my boot up his arse and fling him around the arena, as it would have been about as successful as just trying to run him like most people run their dogs.  WHY?  Why are his agility skills directly connected to my bank account??

It’s a darn good thing he’s cute!

Anyway, shooting from the ground was kind of fun.  It’s generally difficult to get a shot of Piper jumping because she doesn’t jump very high and she jumps really close to my face, so this one was happy for me, even though she looks like she screaming her frustrations to the skies.

Spring emulated Snoopy.

Winter.  So cute.

Winter has been doing so well on the Zylkene that he is probably ready to list for adoption.  I can’t imagine him without his doppelganger sister wife though; while the little monster drives me crazy, I’m having difficulty envisioning the pack without him.

We haven’t done too much this past week – working, running, trying to sleep with a cat on my neck etc.  Next week my stepdad and I will be building an addition to the hen house so that the new baby hens at work can come home :)

In the meantime, Spring would like to stare down her nose at you

because you don’t believe she can actually fly.


  1. You have the greatest shots of Spring -a – ling!

  2. Ah terriers, can’t live without them — even though they make you want to strangle them on a regular basis.

    Tweed always has the BEST smile!

  3. What a bunch of happy photos!

  4. t-air-iers? That last photo of Spring is nicely airborne.

  5. minabey says:

    Last pic. “I have to go, my people need me.” Sorry, can’t resist. =)

  6. I love Tweedorable shots!!! I swear he gets more handsome every time you post a pic. All your photos are great.

  7. That is a fantastic Snoopy dance!

  8. Perhaps you should make up a patch without buttercups by using pickling vinegar and dishsoap? Somewhat cheap and safe alternative to doing away with the buttercups? Apparently the magic solution is an ounce of dish soap per gallon of 7% pickling vinegar and one of those garden sprayers you pump up and set the sprayer wand to a very fine mist. on a hot day. It won’t get rid of the roots just whatever is on top.

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