Hot Hot Hot!

It’s hot.  And we love it.

We’re having a seasonally unusual hot stretch, in the upper 20s.  It’s been very sunny until today (though still hot!) so we are spending a lot of time hoarding Vitamin D in the great outdoors.  And the dogs are loving it.


Piper is loving it extra much because she had her 9 week post-op check up on Friday and Doc says everything is going swimmingly, and I am allowed to start increasing her exercise gradually, so short games of DumbBall are on the menu.

Piper could not believe her ears when I told her the good news.

But not Frisbee.  Tweed says he is now officially 13 years old and with age comes great respect, and he thinks everyone should respect his right to hoard the Frisbee.

The terriers are digging the outdoors time, with lots of zoomie terrier action happening.  Winter has decided that in order to be more aerodynamic his ears needed lifting, and he’s been carrying them this way for the past few days (whereas Spring can’t be bothered to get hers up).

However, the world is out to get the terriers!  First, I managed to bean Winter square in the mouth with a hockey ball on the up bounce. Then he was off in the neighbour’s field chasing Killdeer (they fly really low to the ground) and gleefully ignoring my demands for him to GETBACKHERERIGHTNOW! (with confidence comes bad behaviour, like EATING MY SHOES – which he does when I am present, not out of anxiety when left alone.  He’s having a second puppyhood on this Zylkene stuff) and wandered over to the dead end road and started following some people who he thought were me, but were not in fact me … what Auntie Fiona calls the “doggie version of grabbing the wrong mom hand.”  He had a minor panic over that, couldn’t figure out where home was and ended up racing through Stinky Ditch to get back to me as fast as possible, which ended in a Very Scary Bath.  (It has not, however, cured him of chasing Killdeer, who I think are nesting next door as they keep luring him away when he pops over Stink Ditch to go chase them.)  And Spring got run over by Dexter who was in full flight after his DumbBall.  I am amazed she is still alive.  Good thing terriers bounce.

I’m very excited because I have found someone who offers lure coursing in my neighboorhood, even to my lowly lurchers, so we are going to try it soon.  I think Spring and Winter will really like it.  I also think Wootie would really enjoy it, but he may be smoking too many drugs too really get into the athletic sports these days.

Not my Springaling though.  My girlie walks on air!

She’s magic!

Tweed can’t believe how high she can jump!

But mostly it looks so impressive because I am lying on the ground whilst taking those photos.  it makes her look like she is much higher in the air than she is.  Laying on the ground makes for neat perspective, you should try it.

Dexter looks dorky from just about any perspective.

Laying on the ground is always a bit of a crap shoot … it’s hard to throw the ball from a lying down position, and sometimes overtall smooth coated border collies land on your face when your aim is poor.  Sometimes you lay your ear down in dead worm, courtesy of Mr. Woo and his dig-em-up, shake-’em-to-‘death’ and roll-in-’em routine, and sometimes spiders crawl on you at inopportune moments (bad, very bad).

But you get some cool shoots from down there, so for you, dear readers, I will lay among the dead worms and spiders whilst getting trampled by Kieren.  The things we do for love (a la Jamie Lannister).

The other danger, of course, is that when laying prone you are bound to get a Winter in the face.  He means well, for he is a very love-filled doggie, but he is physically insensitive (shocking for a terrier, no?) and after a Winterlove session I end up bruised and battered See me holding him back?).

I love you so hard!

After a love mauling, he is always very contrite.

But you cannot accept his apology, for if you do, he is so grateful that you have forgiven him that he starts the whole process all over again.

It’s sure nice to see him having fun in life though!

Speaking of “fun” … I bit the bullet, and entered Dexter in Regionals again this year.  What can I say?  I am a glutton for punishment.

Oooooh … you gonna regret that, Food Lady.

Shut up Tweed.

I’m already having the cold sweats just thinking about it.  When I try to imagine the outcome of this foolish expenditure of cash and self respect, all I see is this image:

Dear doG.  What have I done?  WHAT HAVE I DONE???


  1. minabey says:

    I was just thinking how you could have taken those photos by yourself and throwing the ball. Thanks for the explanation. I’m sure your readers appreciate the effort – I sure do! Thanks for the laughs! =)

    Oh, and you’re going to need all the good vibes and what-not so… GOOD LUCK!

  2. I covet your Dexter Morgan and his giraffe-like near-grace. Look at that smooshy jaw holding that ball. What a champ. You’re gonna be great, FL.

  3. Love the pictures. All the captions made me laugh and say, “ooooh”. Really love the pics of Tweed.

  4. I SO Love the Old Man Tweed!

    and the WooTwoo too!

  5. I love the photos and your hilarious comments! Thank you!

  6. suzanne says:

    is Spring not ready for regionals? From your previous posts one could think she stands a better chance of doing well for/with you

  7. Still laughing (second time around)!

  8. Oh yes, Spring is entered, but I’m not stressing about HER! LOL!

  9. suzanne says:

    I still believe the Agility doGs dropped Kerian into your life as a gift… to be your actual, reliable second agility dog.
    Did you drop Spring into the lower height group? She should mop them all up!

  10. Can I just ask for some clarification, here? When you say ‘lure coursing’, are you referring to non-live-lure coursing?

    Please say yes. :/

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