A Sea of Grass

Gonna lose the dogs in it.

Especially the old one, as he gets confused more easily these days.

But it’s okay!  Because Dexter is about to save the day.

(insert thumpy bass music sound (ie *oomchaoomchaoomcha*) here)


Dexter’s kickin’ it old skool on our new (to me – definitely NOT to this world) lawn tractor.

Pretty awesome huh?  The Sadist drove me out in his wife’s Big Ass Truck to pick it up this morning, scared the guy into dropping the price significantly, and then – despite always whining about his bad back or whatever – picked the damn thing up out of the truck and put it on my lawn, yelled “Don’t ever bother me again!” and drove over three people on his way out of the farm.*

(*may be a slightly exaggerated account of actual events)

My landlords are lovely people with their own lawn tractor, but it never occurs to them to mow the parts of the property that *I* use, like the lower field where we play ball, or the upper field where we practice agility.  So I went and got my own.  It’s not fancy, but it works!

Don’t worry, Dexter didn’t really drive it.  He’s too young to drive.

Spring drove it instead, though she deeply resented being given a chore to do.  She’s such a princess.

Hopefully Dexter is NOT too young to play agility properly.  Tomorrow we are entered in our last trial before I make up my mind about whether or not to enter him in Regionals.  He did so well at the last trial that I am really hoping it’s a new trend in his overall performance level, and this trial will be the dealbreaker.  If he keeps his wits about him and performs decently, I will enter him (and Spring) in Regionals next week.  It’s close to home this year, so I feel like I have to take advantage of the nearness.

He may not be the most coordinated dog to walk this earth (or hover above it) …

… but he’s absolutely one of the most enthusiastic …

… and, of course, the best looking :)

Now if it’s coordination you want, you need to look to the Terrier Group.

They are marvels, in their shrill-yapping, constant wrestling, super annoying way.

The other day whilst engaged in this activity, the roiling herring ball-slash-terrier scrap banged into Tweed, whose hind end is not the rock solid machine it used to be, and they knocked him over.  And he cried.  And I got mad and chased them all over the place trying to beat them to death with the Chuck-It, but the f*ckers are too fast.

Today we had a repeat performance, except they knocked Mr. Woo over.  And I laughed and laughed.  I’m such an a$$hole.

And speaking of a$$sholes, here’s one that is not speaking to me at the moment, because he got in soooo much trouble this morning for eating the stray cat’s food on my landlord’s porch and then refusing to come inside when I called him, so I had to chase him all over the damn acreage before I finally caught him.  He is a VERY BAD DOG.

Hah!  You’re an a$$hole too for laughing at me this morning.  You’re a match made in heaven.

I started Winter on the Zylkene on Thursday, and when I came home from work that same day, his bellyband was dry (it was also not on his body, as he managed to get it off, so that may account for its dryness, BUT I did not find a pee anywhere in the house either), so maybe it’s working!  That’d be nice.  He’s a pretty awesome little dog when he’s not biting me in the small of the back / my sleeves / my hair.  He learns new stuff really quickly and he is full of energy, and every night he stands up like a gopher and asks me to carry him to his crate at bed time.  Very charming and funny.

What’s that?  Did you say something about Kieren?

Kieren who?  What’s a Kieren?

Whyfor you pretend I not exist? This make Kieren sad.

SHHHH Kieren!  If I pretend you don’t exist, I don’t have to find you a new home!

OHHH!  This make Kieren happy!

Project?  Onto my dogs?  What? ;-)

Wish us luck tomorrow!  After all, if I enter Dex in Regionals, you get to see the disastrous video’d results!


  1. I vote enter! Perhaps the grown-up Dex Morgan is finally ready to show you what he’s all about. Although from the shots above, he’s all about awesome angles and tongue-lolling (which, don’t get me wrong, are fine qualities in their own right). I’d love to hear more about Winter on Zylkene, too, since my BC tends to get that panic-funk sweat (I suspect that given your experience, you’ve smelled that stress-sweat smell countless times) and I wonder if this might ease him a little bit when I leave the house for even a few hours.


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