Rain, Rain Go Away

Or else we’ll have to do inside-peanut-butter photos today.

What is this “peanut butter” you speak of?

Oh.  OH!  This is teh yum!

Please sir – err, ma’am, can I have some more?

Awwwww yeaaahhhh.


Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but holy cow, are we ever sick of this rain.  And by “we” I mean ME, because the dogs don’t care.  There is not a single princess in this house, so all 32 paws are ready to get out there and churn up some mud every time they think I might possibly be entertaining the notion of potentially moving toward the front door.  But *I* am so tired of  hosing and toweling them off every time we come back inside … the other day it took me almost as long to clean them all as it did to exercise them.  Madness!  And we won’t discuss going behind them to wipe down the walls where they leave mud splatter, so matter how much I dry them off and scrub them … or the mountains of dog laundry I have to do every day.  BC Hydro is probably going to call the police to come see my grow-op, my electricity bill is so high, thanks to the dryer.  Why do I live in Vancouver again??

I guess the real question is: why do I have so many dogs if I insist on living in a rainforest?

AND DON’T YOU ALL START!  You are no friends of mine, you are all HORRIBLE HORRIBLE enablers!  I cannot keep Kieren. I just can’t.  I can’t do him justice, training wise, as there is just not enough time in the day to work with another dog, even if he is practically already perfect. AGH!

The problem is, someone is going to adopt him, and do amazing agility things with him, and I will have to sit sadly on the sidelines in the bleachers with my mentally challenged Dexter spinning and barking in idiot circles at my knees while I RUE THE DAY, rue I say!!

I feel like you’re dissin’ me.

Plus, I will probably get stuck with Winter, as I cannot housebreak this little devil for love nor money.  He’s pretty reliable when I am home, and I can leave him belly banded for a good 4 hours whilst I am out, but any longer than that and he soaks his diapers.  We had ONE work day where I came home to a dry band and I was so flippin’ excited, but that was just the once.  And peeps don’t like to adopt dogs that are not housebroken.

OTOH, he is so damn adorable I can’t stand it.  I have been getting a little irritable with him lately because he can be really needy and gets all up in my business if I am trying to work with/cuddle/groom/speak to/look at another dog, and when he is concerned that I might be upset with him, he stands up on two legs and does Elvis Lip at me and wiggles.  It’s like a “smile” but only one side of his lips go up, and every time he does it I melt like butter on a hot sidewalk.

And then I introduced him to peanut butter, and I about DIED from the cute.  Seriously.


And THEN someone (who is despicable and evil) showed me this:

I mean OBVIOUSLY he needs this.  Because he is Winter and he is coming reliably when called.  The dang collar costs more than he did!  But clearly I will need to scrounge together the cash to get it for him.

Why do terriers have to be so excellent anyway?

Piper does not think they are excellent.  Piper does not think anything is excellent right now.  I suck.  Cones suck. XPens suck. Being locked up sucks. No-walks sucks.  Therefore, she will be grumbly with me, she will break her cone, she will bust out of her XPen and walk around the house.

Clearly, she is already feeling loads better.

Her incision looks good and she is already growing hair back on her poor scalped leg.  Stitches come out in a few days and we can start some light rehab soon.  I have been letting her hang out with us if she promises to lay down quietly, because otherwise she complains in the XPen very loudly for long periods of time.  She is not a model patient.

But she does love to be photographed eating peanut butter!

Oh peanut butter.  You are so bad for us, but so so funny.

This photo makes me laff and laff … one bulging excited whale eye for the peanut butter, one scowling, suspicious eye glaring at Kieren for muscling in on his snack.


hahaha!  Oh my.


  1. I’ve got two (+ a loaner) and this rain is killing us. I can’t imagine it with your brood. The dogs are going stir crazy and unlike you, I have three Princesses who I have to forcibly drag from the house to do even basic things like bathroom breaks. I will admit even with how much work it is, I’d love another permanent resident here. How the woof are you getting around the bylaws? I’m too afraid some by law enforcer will be knocking on my door demanding I send one packing!

  2. The Food Lady says:

    I fly under the radar by not allowing the dogs to bother the neighbours and by, um, working for Animal Control ;-) Living on acreage helps, as we just exercise in our own dog park. And I am always VERY nice to people I see on my dead end road :)

  3. Gorgeous photos, I love the photo of Winter standing up for the peanut butter. I must try some peanut butter next time I try to take photos of my mother’s boxer.

  4. Bonnie, Beep, Poppet and Noodle says:

    Love the picture of Winter! Terriers have to be cute so we don’t beat them to death! Just ask Noodle:)

  5. What is it about peanut butter that is so dang satisfying? I know when the jar is being opened and am right there for my share. Loved the pictures, by the way.

  6. cinnamondog says:

    Poor Piper, she looks like she’s wearing a hardware store.

    No way Kieran could stay, huh? That’s a damn shame. I watched the AKC agility Nationals today and I thought “I bet Sheena could do that with Kieran!” when I saw a particularly good run.

    — Okay, that’s a lie; I thought “I really need to lose 25 pounds so I can run Rowley the way he deserves to be run.” But if I ever thought about anyone but myself, I WOULD have thought that you and Kieran have awesome agility potential.

  7. Well, Kieren could stay if you stopped taking in fosters. I mean, the third (or is it fourth) “failure” ought to exempt you for a while, right? Right??

    I am commiserating on the housebreaking thing. My one year old terrier mix has just started lifting his leg EVERYWHERE. Ugh, ugh, ugh. And the other boy in the house, perfectly housebroken prior to this, has taken this as a challenge and is doing the same. UGH. I’m hereby reminding myself to get girl puppies five or ten years from now when I get my next dog. Ugh.

  8. Catherine says:

    I think we need someone who loves dumbball to whisk Dexter away…. and I (sadly?) know someone in MT who would likely take Winter – questionable habits and all. Then… you could keep Kieren. Damn… the second most PERFECT Dexter home just got a puppy. Must dig through contacts… there’s got to be a solution in this computer somewhere.

  9. Dexter the flyball dog?

  10. clairesmum says:

    Poor Piper…no amount of peanut butter can make up for surgery, etc. Hope she is healing up, and that you weren’t all washed away in the rain…..

  11. Oh right! Being the people that check on these things probably helps A LOT. Hmmmm… just gotta move to one of those dead end roads you speak of and I’m golden. Oh, um, I mean,… I would NEVER violate a bylaw just to adopt another dog.

  12. You really need to look into putting this blog together into a book and self publish through Amazon. It might be a source of income. I know it will take time, but…. If that guy can keep publishing and selling books about that dopey dog Marley, your dogs and you are much more interesting and funny.


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