It’s The Internetz’s Fault

I cannot stop photographing Kieren.  I luff him.

He’s such a good boy.  He comes to work with me and goes straight to his blankie behind the reception desk and stays there all day.  He randomly gets up to greet people or other dogs, but mostly he just chills in the corner without making a peep.

Unlike SOME dogs who don’t come to work anymore, as they stand between me and whatever I’m trying to do in order to make lazer eye contact with me ALL DAY LONG.

Outside he’s all GO GO GO and inside he’s all floppy on the floor, mostly.

“Mostly” because he first must play with Dexter each evening.  He worships Dexter.

They’re pretty much always together.

Whether Dexter wants it or not.

And while Kieren worships Dexter, Spring worships Kieren.

All in all, he is fitting in VERY well.

I can’t blame the Internetz for that because I found Kieren at work.

I do blame the Internetz for this though.

THAT is one VERY FILTHY WOO!!!  And he would not be so filthy if he had not been tag teaming moles with his brother, whom I found on the Internetz.

Can you even guess what’s going on here?

But what I REALLY blame The Internetz for is this:

If you are wondering how Spring grew herself a penis … well, you’re weird.

Meet Winter, a Spring relative.

If you visit the Facebook Wootube Page then you have seen this photo:

On the right, labeled “Vaeda” is the photo of Spring I found while eyeballing dogs at the Kitimat Humane Society ON THE INTERNETZ.

On the left is her doppelganger that I found last weekend eyeballing dogs at the Kitimat Humane Society ON THE INTERNETZ.


Of course I HAD to have him, immediately.  I harassed the shelter and everyone I know that was in contact with the shelter until Kathleen of Broken Promises rescue took pity on me and made them send him down on an airplane yesterday.

He is so very much obviously a Springative.  He shares her face, her eyes, rear dew claws and weird breathy shrieking when excited and/or anxious.  And he is pretty anxious at the moment!  He doesn’t like to be locked up, but I can’t let him wander the house freely as he pisses on EVERYTHING.  He is still intact, which will be rectified very shortly (unless someone has a whippet they want to share so I can make more Springalings?) (kidding, kidding, don’t freak out!), but he is a pretty studly little muffin.  He lifts his leg on everything in sight and so far he only shows interest in the nether regions of the other dogs, none in interacting with them beyond anything, erm, sexual.

Do you think neutering him will resolve some of that?  Right now he is wearing a makeshift belly band (doggie diaper + vet wrap) which makes him run around in a perpetual handstand shrieky breath-ing because it feels weird and he’s anxious!!  I want him to learn to relax and enjoy the house and other dogs (except TWooie, obviously) but I can’t follow him everywhere with a rag and disinfectant all the time.

It’s difficult to tell how old he is, so I don’t know if he is Spring’s brother or her dad.  He’s in kinda rough shape, with shitty teeth and more dandruff than we had snow this year.  His coat is thicker than Spring’s but that’s to be expected as he came from snow country.  He is also more jack-like – stumpier legs, stockier body, thicker legs.  But there is no mistaking him for anything other than a Springalike!

I named him Winter because of the play on seasons, and because I am a Game Of Thrones nerd and was endlessly amused at the idea of yelling “WINTER IS COMING!” every time he responds to his recall.  Alas, the joke is on me, as he has no recall and just runs the other way, stopping only long enough to piss on things every 4.6 feet.  It’s the only way I caught him.

Ironically, Spring does not like him, mostly because he always has his nose up her butt.  But (ha ha) I did catch them kissing today briefly, which was cute, until she bit him on the nose.

I have not managed to get any photos of them together, because Winter never stops moving and does not know “sit” or “stay” … and when I tie him up, Spring refuses to sit next to him.

One I get him all fixed and fixed up, maybe one of you wants a Boyspring of your very own??  I can’t keep him, because I already have plenty of dogs and because … well, look how well that turned out last time!

*shakes fist at WooTWoo*

But you can’t have Kieren.  HE’S ALL MINE!!

 Besides you’d have to go through Dexter to get him ;-)

How random is my life, huh?


  1. Spring + Kieren = the cutest!

  2. Your story of Dexter and Kieren is the perfect story for people who insist they want a puppy so they can mold it into exactly what they want in a dog, and refuse to consider a rescue because they don’t think they will find the dog that will meet their specific criteria. Congratulations on your new addition! Hopefully winter gets used to the belly band soon, I have found them to work *wonders*!!! Keep up the great work with all your doggies.

  3. all boxers... for now. says:

    ‘winter is coming’ = hilarious! i don’t watch game of thrones so i guess i missed the connection but still, that made me LOL.

    Kieren is gorgeous & sounds like a sweetie, enjoy him!

  4. IDEA: Trade Dexter in for Kieren.

    Problems solved.

    You can thank me later. :D

  5. I am laughing So. Hard. Right now.

    Firstly at the Woo TWoo. Is Woo really as wide as he looks in that pic? You’d think that all that hunting would burn more calories than they consume! Wait, that doesn’t make sense — never mind. He “supplements” his diet well.

    And mostly I am laughing because it occurs to me that when you have a pair of every dog, then you will be all set. The Woo TWoo, Dexter and Keiren, Winter and Spring — you are only two short!

    Congrats on Keiren. I didn’t think you were actually keeping him last post. Then I thought you might NOT be keeping Dexter! Would love to hear the boy’s story, how you found him and decided to keep him. He sounds like a dream!

  6. The Food Lady says:

    I’m not keeping Kieren! I would LOVE to, as I LOVE him, but I am already way full up of dogs. I would eventually like to be a quasi normal person with, like, 3 dogs … so keeping more seems foolish. I have thought about trading Dex out for Kieren, ha ha! I could never :)

    Woo is not wide actually, he is quite slender (lots of hair though). TWoo, on the other hand, is frickin’ fat!!

  7. B-b-b-but, Kieren and Dex are a set. How can you break them up? ;)

    We just got a little rescue Havanese mix teenager. Two dogs and 4 cats and we feel like, um, “collectors”. Can’t imagine how you manage your household full! You are amazing!

  8. Bonnie, Beep, Poppet and Noodle says:

    If Winter would be Spring’s dad would that make her a Borderwhipperjacker?

    I have a thing for doppelganger dogs too! Thanks internetz, PNWBC website and Nikki D!!

  9. What’s one more dog? At some point one more doesn’t add so much to the chaos especially since he sounds like a total love.

  10. Oh! Well, yes logically I can see that could be too many dogs. But how sad. :-( I was looking forward to hearing how Kieren was a supah-stah in agility. He certainly sounds like he has the disposition and talent for it. I didn’t think you would want to trade Dexter. He may be a mad demon but he is YOUR mad demon. :-)

    Do we get to see any video of Spring doing agility?

  11. It’s a shame I just adopted my Whippet x Eskie or else Kieren would have a home with the evil bordermonster. or Winter, cause he seemed pretty happy in my lap at work after the belly band debacle. So maybe just bring him in so I can visit before someone snatches Kieren up! (Hopefully someone who will share/trade Dex & Kieren as a set (:)

  12. I hope you keep Kieren. =) Really. He sounds like a dream. *whispering* keeeeeeeeeeep himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  13. Food Lady says:


  14. Brittany P. says:

    Speaking of relatives…
    Sort of a sad situation but looks like a Wootie uncle!

  15. Winter kind of looks like a stocky Spring, I’ll give you that….but possibly even like some kind of Kieren/Spring hybrid. Spieren! King! *shakes fist at Internetz* I’m supposed to be finishing these socks, but instead I’m reading three woofs. Bah. I think the neuter will help the compulsive marking; it certainly did with my older terrier cross, particularly in an environment with multiple dogs and many smells. ‘Til then, make sure you keep your purse and camera bag safely stowed and off the floor!

    (Keep Kieren. I’m voting for a keep on this whole lovefest–Spring loves Kieren who loves Dexter.)

  16. Keep Kieren! After all, Dexter is only going to be around a few more months before he succeeds in launching himself into orbit, right? Then you’ll be at the magic number of 6 total dogs, which is border (teehee) line okay.

  17. I will say that and extra dog who fits in like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle is a LOT less work than a dog that wants to eat everydog. (A-HEM, TWooie!) lol

    Not that that’s a reason to keep another dog. Because, you know, that didn’t happen with Spring at all. No sir.

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