Hey ya’ll

Wonderin’ where we been?

The Facebox Lady has been real busy.

First of all, one day she stomped into the house, stopped in front of Pfeifer and hollered “THAT’S IT!  I CAN’T STAND YOUR STUPID FACE!  I AM GIVING YOU AWAY.”

(Food Lady’s note: That didn’t actually happen.  At all.)

And then she chucked that Pfeifer Dog in the car, and we never saw her again.  And then she was all “boohoo”ing around the house for, like, two days.

(Food Lady’s note: That part’s pretty true.  My Pfeifer doggie got adopted, at long last, by the most wonderful family ever.  They have another dog they adopted from me about 6 years ago, and they drive all the way down from 100 Mile to get her.  She loved them on sight, so I knew it was a perfect match.  But I haz the sad.)

Then the very next day she was like “YOU SUCK TOO!  GET IN THE DAMN CAR AND OUT OF MY SIGHT!” and then she kicked Carlos into the car *from the porch* like a football!

(Food Lady’s note: Again, Tweed is prone to exaggeration and that did not actually happen.  But Carlos did get adopted the day after Pfeifer did, which was crazy steal-all-my-little-dogs weird.)

Annnnd I think I will take over the story telling from here, as Tweed’s version will get me arrested!

I’ve been oh so busy.  First, we took a whole litter of adorable fuzzy wuzzy puppies (and their mama) into rescue.  And by “we” I mean a foster home, because while my house seems (seemed) strangely empty with just 6 dogs in it, I am not crazy enough to take on a litter of puppies.  Again.  Fool me once …errr, twice …. okay three times! etc.

But they are KAYUTE!!

Mama Dog was reportedly a BC X Cattle Dog, but not only she is not spotty, but black and brindle on white, she also has a very whippety hind end and tail, and a head reminiscent of a certain whipjack that is right now snoozing at my toes.  Lurcher perhaps?

About half the pups are spoken for, and everyone else wants the same pups that are already spoken for!  And lots of people want the mum … who is only 10 MONTHS OLD if you can believe it.  Just a puppy herself.  And sweet as anything too.  I was tempted by her myself.  NOT that I am getting a 7th dog.

I’m not I’m not I’m not.


So maybe I brought home another foster and maybe I LUFF HIM LIKE CRAZY.

He’s kind of everything I thought Dexter would be – athletic, driven, keen, smart, biddable and without a f*ckin’ summer home in Crazy Town.  Which is ironic, because he and Dexter think they are kin, or besties or something, and they play this mirror game where they stand nose to nose with their flirty ears on and bat one another gently in the face.  I’m not entirely sure that Dexter is aware he’s not just looking at himself.

Which is even more ironic, because TWooie didn’t violently object to Kieren the way he normally would to an adult male dog entering his home … I suspect he just thinks it’s Dexter who happens to be in his way twice as often as he used to be.

He’s a really handsome guy, and sweet as anything.  He plays Dumbball like a hot damn, but as soon as you take it away, he curls up somewhere quietly and amuses himself rather than popping around the house like corn kernel in a roasting pan.

Good crazy:


I know I cannot keep him (repeat unto infinity) but he’s going to be a hard one to part with.  Springaling has converted me to the smoothies.  And really, he’s basically just one extra large Spring.

Speaking of Spring, have I mentioned lately how much I am chock full of the love for this little bizzaro critter?  She is quickly becoming my steady, whip fast, reliable agility dog.  We just need to practice replicating her class performance outside of the barn and pretty soon she is going to be kicking ass and taking names … as long as there are no off side weaves involved.  She can weave like a Hebrew in the Wilderness (that’s a biblical reference, in case it was a bit obscure) onside, and knows how to get her entry on the off side from anywhere, but pops out at about pole 10.  Just a little something to work on.  Otherwise, she is a frickin’ dream to run!

Unlike Dexter, who YES I KNOW I SAID I WASN’T RUNNING ANYMORE, who remains supercharged.  I tried not to take him to class, I really did … but he *CRIED*  I went back in the house after loading up the other dogs because I could hear him crying (he knows which day is Thursday and what it means!) and someone had already stolen his pork bone and he was just leaning against the babygate, keening.  I think I broke his heart.

So I brought him to class.  I still hate him, except on Jumpers’ night when he is mostly very good.  But I don’t want to break his heart (just his skull, sometimes).

And speaking of breaking things, Some Bad Dog “forgot” she was in a downstay today and took off after a frisbee!!

Some Bad Dog got in trouble. And when she gets in trouble, she makes this face, which is somewhere between exasperation, defiance and indignation.  But never, you will kindly note, does she experience regret or shame.  That’s why I love her so.

My bad though, I should’ve had her handle (harness) on.

The super good news is that I found a veterinarian, who came highly recommended, who will do the extracapsular surgery for less than $1000.00!!  We are very excited.  I am going to take her in for a consult, heart xray and blood draw next week and as soon as we get the All Clear, I’m going to get my wee girlie all fixed up!

I love my regular vet, but I just cannot afford to give him all that money.  I hope he’s not mad, he’s kind of a scary dude, especially when he’s grouchy.

We took in several other dogs into rescue too … where are all these border collies coming from all of a sudden??

Kieren’s little sister Molly is being fostered on the Island:

She’s crazy busy and lots of fun.  We also took in a Very Naughty blue merle female and a worryingsomely fearful 5 month old pup, and this 13.5 year old female :(

I have to admit, it boggles my mind when we get in senior dogs in this shape.  I mean, this dog is just over 13 years old.

And this dog is just UNDER 13 years old.  Tweed will be 13 in three months!

He doesn’t look a day over six, I swear.  So maybe I am sometimes short tempered with my nutty crew.  Maybe they experience some periods of insane breakage/holes/weird injuries/bizarre suicide attempts.  Maybe I have more dogs than the average sane person.  But by golly, I must be doing something right!

And to end this entry on a happy/sad/make you tear up note, here’s a video that someone sent me this morning to make you all sniffly.  Happy weekend!


  1. Susan Bassett says:

    I just love reading your blog and seeing the pictures. I am also very glad that you found a helpful vet for your girlie! Seven dogs is definitely the right number.

  2. Aw…loved the video. And glad your back. Great post.

  3. dangerouspenguin says:

    Very naughty blue merle female? Sign me up!

    No! Wait! Don’t sign me up. Fool me once…

  4. Love the names on the pups… Except of course for Theon Greyjoy who no one wants to be so miserable….

  5. Yay! Yes, we missed you.

    If Dexter does well in Jumpers, there is always UKI. They have their International program which is standard courses and games. But they also have a Speedstakes program. A totally seperate line of progression, all jumpers. Do you have UKI up there?

  6. Dexter looks like the Roadrunner in that photo!

  7. I like the Carlos/football from Tweed. Fun!

    And BIG HURRAY! for Pfiefer. So happy for her!

  8. I’ve missed reading your blog for a while and, I have to say, it always gives me a chuckle. So happy you were able to place Pfeifer and Carlos.

  9. Nothing wrong with 8 dogs… lalala…

  10. i’m so glad you didn’t leave dexter crying at the baby gate. just take him along and let him run the course on his own terms. if you do it for him instead of for you, he might just decide to ask for direction someday.

  11. I read that as extra craptacular surgery, which kinda fits.

  12. What a lucky pack.

  13. So glad to see the crew back, and wonderful news about Miss Piper! Kieren looks like a sweetie; looking forward to possibly seeing some agility videos of the handsome guy in action.

    …..and Dexter, for all his madness, is still my absolute favourite. Love the good crazy/Dexter photo comparison; Jake moves like that when he’s going full-tilt. Excited to see more!

  14. cinnamondog says:

    “…athletic, driven, keen, smart, biddable and without a f*ckin’ summer home in Crazy Town” — I’m sorry, every time I read that I just break down in a fit of helpless giggles.

    I know, I know, it’s not that funny …

    (Note to self: work on being a better person.)

  15. clairesmum says:

    the expression on Piper’s face…I see some of that when Clairedog has decided that I am clearly mistaken but she is tolerating my little fit (while I think I am ‘correcting’ her verbally) without being bothered by it.
    sounds like Dexter wants to do agility….in his own way… like an adolescent male human…no way of really making sense of it…..but usually sorts out over time if you don’t let it drive you crazy…..meanwhile, seems like he has a new best friend to play with for a while, which sounds like fun for both of them and a bit of a relief for everyone else in your house.
    hope Piper’s surgery goes well!

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