Merry Christmas!

To all my friends and family, to whom I REALLY tried to get it together to send cards … but failed.  I got one step closer this year by actually purchasing cards; they are still on my desk at work, unopened.  Next year I may graduate to opening the box, and perhaps by year 2019 I will actually send them out.

Anyway, for all of you, this is our Christmas greeting in lieu of a card:


We had such fun weekends doing Santa and The Grinch photos two weekends in a row.  The feedback was simply marvelous, and definitely brightened the holidays for me.

Dexter’s sister Ginny was photoshopped into a shot with Santa and Flip the JRT because Ginny was not too keen on sitting next to The Red Man, but Cathie was delighted with the results.

THANK YOU!  Why am I crying?  I love, love, love what you’ve done!


Tucker’s dad was pretty happy with results too!

Thank you for the pictures. You and Jen did an awesome job and the pictures look great.


Jodi of Kolchakpuggle was excited to share our photos on her website too!

Thank you so much! These are absolutely GORGEOUS! (Lookit Luey’s little tongue!!!) Even the very stern photo of Kolchak is fantastic. I have no idea how you captured such a nice shot of the dog that tried to wrassle the Grinch into submission, but you have my utmost appreciation.

A very special doggie came to see The Grinch – old Joe was a stray at my shelter that did not get claimed.  He has a wicked head tilt that is probably the result of a brain tumour; Joe has terminal cancer :(  We transferred him to the wonderful folks at SAINTS but his transport volunteer fell in love with Joe and took him home, where his last days will be awash in love, care and peace.

We had so much fun and we love all the happy notes from clients.  I definitely feel a lot less Grinchy now!

Tweed, OTOH, does not.

The holiday season got even better today, when the shelter I work at was visited by the simply WONDERFUL gals at Loki’s Christmas Wish Fund – this is an initiative of love!  These gals spend the year collecting donations of food, toys, beds, crates, cookies, sweaters, collars, leashes and everything animal related under the sun.  They pack it all into their garages and living rooms and sort through it, parcel it out, pack it up and then deliver it to needy homeless animals at shelters and rescue organizations.  The Surrey Animal Resource Centre was a lucky recipient of their generosity, and they gifted us with SO MUCH STUFF!  Our shelter animals are very lucky this Christmas season :)

Shelter resident 3 month old pit bull puppy Butters was pretty darned happy too!

Want to make a shelter animal’s Christmas brighter?  You should consider contacting Kristen at Loki’s Christmas Wish Fund to see how you can start a similar initiative in your community!  You have no idea how grateful we are for all her hard work!

Because I want to pass on the goodwill I am feeling right now, I wanted to tell you all that if you are looking to donate to something, somewhere, this holiday season, consider helping a very talented Vancouver recording artist finish his solo album by donating to his campaign at Indiegogo.  My friend Shane is a nice guy, an UBER TALENTED one, and kind of a manwhore too.  He’s delightful.  Help him out if you can :)

Indie the shelter dog approves the Indiegogo campaign.

(She’s looking for a home too!)

Lastly, thank you for all your comments, emails and messages of advice and condolences about Piper and her poor knee.  I have about decided to go with one of the more inexpensive repairs, because I’ve gotten such good feedback about the results, and I am feeling a lot more confident that we can help her be pain-free.

WebJoe is somewhere sunny and warm, probably face-down in a puddle of fruity throw-up, so he cannot do that magic thing where he adds the tip jar back to Wootube right now.  But for those kajillion of you who sent messages asking where it is, you can find me on paypal at the email address  Piper’s knee thanks you!

The rest of her is not thankful at all.

Happy Holidays to all of us, to all of you!  We probably won’t speak again until the New Year, as my work schedule is insane, but every single one of us (except maybe TWooie, cuz he’s like that) wish you all the love, peace and happiness to be found and oodles of luck and joy in 2013!


  1. Oh my gosh, the story of Joe had me in tears. I am so glad he has a lovely place for his final days. Thank you for sharing.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Xmas.

  2. Okay, the head-tilty old dog has gotten me all sniffly. My creaky old Sheltie girl had an episode of vestibular disease in January, a few months before she died. I’m so glad Joe has a loving home for the remainder of his days.

  3. Beautiful, thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and your happy gang :)

  4. onlyonewoof says:

    This year I acquired my second dog, and have experienced for the first time living with two dogs that I am responsible for (my older dog and I have lived with many doggie roommates over the years, but I was never responsible for any of those). I can therefore now stand utterly amazed by the fact that all SIX of your dogs sit politely next to each other and look at the camera at the same time. It took me about two dozen shots (one of which has the younger dog pooping in the background…sigh) to get our holiday photo this year, instead of the three or four it would have taken with just my older dog. Oh dog-photography guru, how do you do it?! (And, BTW, happy holidays!)

  5. Merry Christmas!!

  6. Joe brought tears to my eyes, too – may his last days be peaceful. Great pictures as always but I had to laugh at Twooie and Woo who were clearly looking at whatever food you were holding – not just brothers but soul mates.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  7. A very Merry Christmas to you and the shelter folks who work so hard. And especially to Joe.

  8. Piper looks very beautiful (all of them are very handsome, but Piper is lovely)!

  9. Merry Christmas Sheena and thank-you for all you work and effort not only with rescue but also the shelter animals. They are lucky to have you on their side.

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