November 7th’s Dog-A-Day

Holy cow!  It’s Pudding!


  • Age: ~2 years
  • Gender: female(spayed)
  • Breed: Pug X Terrier
  • Likes: Everything!  Walking!  Running!  Playing!  Bouncing!  People big and small are great.  Food is even better.  Getting into mischief is the best!
  • Ideal home:  Pudding needs someone who understands that pugs are bratty little snort monsters, cuz otherwise Pudding will be two steps ahead at every turn.  She loves to climb like a monkey and get into stuff she shouldn’t, but she is always up for a game of “gonna getcher paws!” and “pinch yer bum!” as she is a fun loving soul.  Pudding is pretty vocal so may not make a great apartment dog, and needs a little more work socializing with other dogs when she is on a leash, but otherwise is a delight!
  • Available at: The Surrey Animal Resource Center in Surrey, BC, Canada.  Email us at for more information!


  1. Amy Coapman says:

    Pudding looks like a Border Terrier to me! What a devilish little cutie. I hope she finds her forever home soon!

  2. I agree with the first commenter. I know 3 Border Terriers very well and Pudding looks exactly like two of them. The head, coat, the way she’s built, her facial expression…
    Thumbs up for her!

  3. The email address does not work
    Canadian Border Terrier Welfare

  4. The Food Lady says:

    Oops. Sorry, it’s adoption without the ‘s’ – I made a typo :) But for the record, Pudding is not a border terrier – she is one of the many pug mixes we get in the shelter fairly routinely. Right down to her curly little tail.

  5. OMG its the Animal from Sesame Street…it’s alive!

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