November 4th’s Dog-A-Day


Meet Taz!


  • Age: 4 years
  • Gender: male(neutered)
  • Breed: Labrador Retriever mix
  • Likes: Someone who loves him as much as he loves them.  taz is super loyal and still looking for his former owner :(  He wants very much to bond with someone who won’t abandon him again.  When he is feeling happy, he likes to throw a toy around, but mostly he just wants to hang out beside his person.
  • Ideal home:  Taz prefers someone who is home with him much of the time as he is a bit anxious.  Sometimes when he is anxious he eats things that aren’t necessarily good for him.  He can be left alone provided he has been walked first and is confident his person is coming back to him.  He is good with children, but should be in a home with older kids so he doesn’t have access to toys to munch up when he’s feeling worried.
  • Available at: The Surrey Animal Resource Center in Surrey, BC, Canada.  Email us at for more information!

(pssst – I know some of the cut-outs are less than stellar, but I don’t have editing software at work so I am doing this as I find spare time at home.  It’s a labour of love, but I can’t labour over it THAT much!)


  1. HELL YEAH TAZ! So happy to hear he’s found a home!!

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