November 2nd’s Dog-A-Day

November 2nd’s dog is Pandora!


  • Age: ~6-7 months
  • Gender: female(spayed)
  • Breed: German Shepherd Dog (single breed)
  • Likes: Kongs stuffed with yummy things.  Epic games of tug with the leash!  Leaning into friendly legs for snuggles.  Chewing on hands and fingers.  Clicker training!  Chasing soft stuffy toys and running around with them.  Also, sticking her nose into empty work boots!
  • Ideal home:  A well socialized shepherd is a well rounded shepherd – take Pandora everywhere and introduce her to everyone so she grows up happy and social.  She’s a great age for a basic obedience class, and will soon be ready for something more challenging, like Nosework or tracking, because Pandora is a working dog with a good work ethic.  She is also super cuddly and sweet natured, and responds really well to positive training!
  • Available at:  The Surrey Animal Resource Center in Surrey, BC, Canada.  Email us at for more information!


  1. Ok you can totally send her to my house. What a sweet face, makes me miss my old GSD boy.

  2. Seriously! I love this series. A November full of happy doggie faces.

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