It took 3 long years …

… but TWooie has *finally* managed to steal Wootie’s Flamboyance™

Would you look at that thing?!  How magnificent.  I hope he uses his power for good, rather than evil.

It took almost as long, but Wootie is finally skinny!

Poor guy has been on a perpetual diet of lots of green beans and very little anything else, but at long last he is relatively svelte.  He still has a ridiculously long and curly mane that creeps down over his shoulders and makes him appear a bit top heavy, but underneath that pumpkin-coloured afro he really is very lean now.

Tweed suffers from a similar affliction / illusion; with every passing year he grows a bigger, fuller mane.  His is not curly though, it sticks straight out, as though he dipped a toe into an electrical socket.  But whatever you do, don’t call him “fat” as it makes him ANGRY.

Since he’s been running around like a fool (yay!) with only the slightest hint of a limp (YAY!) the  last few weeks, the few extra pounds he packed on from when he couldn’t run have melted away.  He’s doing really well, even without a brace (which I have not yet acquired; I have been so very busy) and I couldn’t be more pleased.  He’s an old timer, so he is of course stiff when he gets up and a little limpy until he warms up to the day, and he puts himself to bed early and gets grouchy when the other dogs disturb his rest, but he also plays with baby dog Dexter every day, doing zoomies around the house.  You’d never know to look at him that he isn’t 5 or 6 years old.  It makes my heart happy!

The last dog on the Fat Bastard roster is TWooie, who remains a butterball.

Did you say something about turkey?

Everyone else is doing just peachy.  Dexter has managed to avoid hurting himself for, like, 3 whole weeks, which must be some kind of new record.  Not sure if I blogged this or not, but not too long after the Wootie-hole and Piper hotspot, the Broken Tweed, and TWooie’s NEAR DEATH THANK YOU VERY MUCH EXPERIENCE of getting chomped in the leg. Dexter managed to, in quick succession, rip out one of his front dewclaws, then get himself bit in the face, then acquire two nice big punctures in his torso.  I swear to doG the Tech at work was thinking about calling the SPCA on me and outing me as a dog fighter or something.

But Dexter has healed up from his many holes, and Piper’s hair has pretty much all grown back, so we are down to zero injuries (knock wood).

Dexter is doing so well, in fact, that I decided to enter him in an agility trial next weekend.  I guess I like receiving humiliation, frustration and rage for my birthday! ;-)  But as I was already going to be at the trial anyway, it made sense to enter him for a few runs.

Cuz next weekend is Spring’s agility debut!

Whatchu talkin’ about, Willis?

Gotta start her some time, and no time like the present! I am guessing she will be a little weirded out, because there will be lots of people and dogs making noise in a big echoing building, and lots of things to look at or run after rather than playing with me, but she’s got to start working on focus outside of the barn, so may as well start now.  Still, she’ll probably beat Dexter out of Starters!  Yeesh.  I will try to get some video for you all :)

I have been working so much the past few weeks that I haven’t really had any time off, until today.  I’ve been so busy that I have not even listed Miss Pfeifer for adoption yet.  She’s still with me – it’s so easy to have her around that I am not overly motivated to send her on her way.  But I don’t really want 7 dogs, and she is such a cuddle monster, she deserves her very own person who has time to snuggle her.

Also, she will need a dog who likes to play with her as much as Spring does.

I really have to list her this weekend, so if she is your proverbial cup of tea, look for her on the TDBCR website.  Along with this little hunka-hunka burnin’ love, 5 month old Scout:

Thankfully he is in foster care with someone else, so I am saved from myself.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, folks!  Cold, but sunny and dry.  Time to go outside and enjoy it before the rains return :)  Sorry for the short post …. here, have a kitten to make up for it!


  1. Looking forward to seeing Springaling in her debut.. next weekend..

  2. Foodlady, odd question: Do you still have your two cats, hamster, and (free-leased) horse? I always wonder how Doughnut’s doing… I don’t remember the other kitty’s name though.

  3. The Food Lady says:

    I do still have my cats – now I have three! Carl, Donut and Cyrus. I don’t have a hamster anymore :( But I do have a rat that I keep at work! I have not ridden the horse since we fell down a hill together into a fence. Maybe his owner doesn’t want me to ride his horse anymore after that!! I will post photos of my new kitty soon.

  4. You and the horse fell down a hill together into a fence? O_O Hope you both are okay… and I would love to read THAT story sometime!

  5. Go Springaling! You may just be the FL’s next great agility dog. I’d love to see you run.

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