Dexter Morgan, this is your life

I met you the day after you were born, and the first thing I said about you was that you were, umm, kind of ugly.  Sorry.

But it wasn’t long before your spotty little nose started winning me over.

By the time your eyes were staring into my soul, I was sold ;-)

I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect.

And at 8 weeks, I made you part of my pack.

You fit right in right away!

By the time you were a few months old, I began to suspect you were batshit crazy.

By the time you were 6 months old, I knew it was true.

Two and a half years later, nothing’s changed ;-)

You’re still batshit crazy…

… and you’re still staring into my soul.

Happy 3rd Birthday Dexter “Long Stride” Morgan!

doG help me, but I love you dearly :)

Happy Birthday to Dexter and all the Peanuts gang!  I can’t believe 3 years have gone by since I first saw them squirming and squealing away.  Where does the time go?


  1. What a gorgeous post, it brought a tear to my eye. Happy Birthday to thegang x x x

  2. I am in love with smooth and rough collies…but Dexter was one of the cutest puppies ever! <3

  3. Wow! Can’t believe he’s already three! I’ve been reading (looking at pictures, mostly!) your blog since Dexter was an easily shocked (big eyes!) puppy!

  4. I remember that of all the applications for the peanut gang, not a single person applied for your dark-faced boy. Amazing, isn’t it?

  5. Happy Birthday, Dexter! You’ve royally entertained your mom and her readers for all your three years. Why can’t I remember the name of the blog about your first year – it had some amazing and funny pictures. Can someone help me?

  6. Thank you, Fay! I still remember a picture in which he looked like a giant spider! I’m going to go look for it!

  7. Happy birthday Dexter! Many happy returns (to the FL in agility, too)

  8. Clairesmum says:

    Wow I remember reading about the Peanuts gang when they were born, and following Dexter’s first year in photos. He is crazy and can see right into your soul. That could sound scary, but somehow he’s not that kind of crazy. Thanks for sharing him, and the rest of the pack, at Casa de Food Lady!

  9. cinnamondog says:

    Yay for your batshit crazy BC boy — I can’t imagine your life without him! :)

  10. Awwwwww….. *sniff*

  11. Happy birthday to Dexter! And many more!

    Those pictures are all fantabulous. I love the crazy ones the best.

  12. Laura in California says:

    Happy Birthday Dexter! The 3 years have gone by very quickly in your blog life. My favorite pic is the one before the very last, where you can see those long legs!

  13. Does this mean Dexter won’t be coming to live with me?

    Oh well. At least I still have a neon yellow t-shirt covered with his hair….

    Congratulations to both of you on surviving the first three years, and best wishes for many, many more!

  14. Hi,
    I so love hearing about Dexter and laughing at his pictures! He reminds me so much of my Batshit crazy Border, Logan. Logan is six years old and actually sleeps at night now and is slightly calmer in the house. Not so much anywhere else though!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dexter is awesome. And I’m still struck now, as I was then, by the incredible sweetness of his mama’s face.

  16. Martha Sundquist says:

    Awww…Lovely tribute to your dawg. For all the cussin’ you have done about him…. but then, he wouldn’t have made you so mad if you weren’t so desperately in love with him to begin with. I too love the pic with his mama. Hmm …underwear, still laugh when I think about that post!

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