Lovers … in a dangerous time

OH NO!  An 80’s ear worm!

We are just popping in to say “hey ya’ll” as I only get one day off this week and it was full of chores to do.  Summer *finally* came to visit the BC Lower Mainland this week, perfectly coinciding with my new job and the uniform I have to wear to work which, I swear, is made of wool, bear fur, non-breathable canvas and molten lava, covered in a fine layer of air-repellent.  Also, I look like kind of a dork.  But I’m in good company, as everyone else looks like a dork too.  I could take a second job as a security guard without ever changing my uniform (security guards are usually covered in cat hair and smell faintly of dog poo, right?)

My new job is hard – coming from a shelter where the animals all eat grain-free high end kibble hand fed to them out of crystal goblets while gently waving hand fans over their delicate little persons .. when in fact there ARE animals … it’s a bit of a culture shock to move right into one where there’s never an empty kennel and it takes hours and hours just to clean and feed them.  It’s hard work, but so very rewarding.  if you are looking for a dog, or a cat (especially a cat) you should come visit The Food Lady, she will hook you up lickity split!

Anyway, my new job is awesome and I’m getting a lot out of it.  I am tired as hell when I get home, but it’s an honest kind of “I worked my ass off today” tired and not the “I sat in the sweltering heat in shitty, horrible, rage-inducing bumper-to-bumper highway traffic for an hour” kind of tired.  My commute is 10 minutes of bliss :)  And my care insurance got a lot cheaper too!

Spring was a bit put out as there is no taking her to work with me anymore.  But how far my little whipjack has come!  When she first arrived at Casa de Food Lady this time last year, she would urinate and defecate in the house if left alone for 10 minutes.  Now she can happily stay home all working day and is totally reliable.  She’s a little miracle!  An evil, bossy, gravity-defying little miracle.

Never fear.  In spite of the ass kicking Wootie has received, he remains a jolly fellow.  Because he has a new Jolly Ball toy that I just bought for him.

He thinks it’s Da Bomb.

I dub thee Best Toy EVAH.

Everyone else is doing well.  My shorter hours and the nice weather mean the dogs are getting out with me more, always a plus for Mr. No Off Switch.

And everyone else is doing just peachy too.  Although Tweed is concerned that we are totally not prepared for Nationals, which is in just over three weeks.  Not that we don’t know what we’re doing, or that he’s not in shape – I mean, he is looking pretty fit for a 12 year old dog!

He is more concerned that I am totally unprepared for going away for four days.  I still have not sorted out anywhere to leave any of my dogs, for starters. Any takers?  I don’t think my dogsitters from last time are available this time around.  And this time they are pretty much all up for grabs – I may end up taking TWooie with me, since he’s the hardest to find a place for, but I would happily leave Captain Demo behind for a few days of peace :)  Lemme know if you want a house guest or two for a few days.  Heck, you could even do a guest blog post!

You know you want me …

Get out there and enjoy some summer sunshine.  Do it for me!  I’m back to work tomorrow in the canvas-fur-air repellent garb once again :)


  1. Andrea Denton says:

    If I were close enough I would love to take a couple! The crazier the better in my house :)

  2. Arwen Lune says:

    Oh god, Wooties face when he has that ball! Too cute.

    I would love to host some of your dawgs for a few days but you’d have to ship them to Europe, so that doesn’t really work. I hope you find some people who’d be thrilled to have them :-)

  3. When do you need the dogs Cared for? I can probably help…

  4. Don’t trust Joe. He feeds nice dogs to The Calf Biter™.

    Also, I demand pics of you in said dorky airflow-challenged uniform.

  5. LOVE the BNL reference! Okay, okay, okay, so it’s really a Bruce Cockburn song…but not in the world that is my brain it isn’t!

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