Catch O’The Day

Oh come on TWooie.  You can do better than that.  I expect more of you.

You’re one demanding beeyotch, you know that?

Fine.  Hold on.

*Blurble* I think I got something *Blurble*

Here!  HAPPY NOW?!?!

Day-um!  This thing is fiesty!

If it bites me, you are in so much trouble lady!

*grumble* I gotta do everything around here.

Happy now???

Great Sculpin!  Only TWooie can catch the sea creatures like this.  He is a small miracle in a hairy package.

It was quite a large fish!

And kind of mean too.  It totally sliced me open with one of  its spines when I wrestled it from TWooie’s jaws in order to place it back in the water.

Of course, it was probably pretty pissed off.

What befuddles me most about TWooie’s incredibly fishing skills is that he’s from land locked Prince George, and had probably never seen the ocean before he landed at Casa de Food Lady.  Moreover, after two years with West Coast me, he remains totally phobic of the sea.

It’s too deep!  And cold!  And wet!  And SCAAAAARRRRRYYYYYY!!!

Come on, TWooie.  It’s not that deep.  Getcher butt out here.

No.  I don’t want to.  You can’t make me.

I’m going home.

I guess you can’t really blame him for being afraid.  There are scary things lurking in the ocean.

Terrifying seaweed covered monsters!

Monsters who are INSANE!

Insane monsters who eat little dogs!!!

We are absolutely loving this fantastic weather!

A sunny day at the beach playing with the Wootie Toy™ was just what the doctor ordered!

Everyone was having a super good time.

They ran themselves ragged…

Jumped for joy…

Were just generally beyond happy…

… and pooped themselves right out :)

We hope you and your dogs all get a chance to play on the beach this weekend too!

But if you do, remember … don’t touch TWooie’s fish!


  1. Where are you??? This looks like a blast!

  2. Wow. Those are some amazing fishing skills! Maybe TWooie did some river fishing before he came down here. Looks like a gorgeous day. We’ve been hanging out by some waterfalls on the Island, the beaches are to hot and busy over here!

  3. What the heck is that fish!?

  4. Laughing so hard I’m snorting. And it’s ALL TWOOIE’S FAULT!

    If there weren’t a whole fishing sequence I would swear you photoshopped in some pre-historic monster thingie.

    “Iz mine. No touchie.”

  5. burble! snort!

  6. (Your comments doesn’t like this symbol .)

  7. Agh! The arrow brackets, they don’t show up at all. And anything in between them disappears. And I would sooo delete the extraneous comments but I can’t!

  8. Laura in California says:

    Oh my, that is one nasty looking fish! Bravo for TWootie catching and wrestling the spiny beast. Looks like a great time was had by all. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  9. um, mystery woman. says:

    FANTASTIC! Nice to see you guys getting out to the beach again! That fish looks SO unreal its awesome!

  10. Twooie is one talented dude. He has inherited the hunting gene of his ancestors. I once had pooX who could hunt. He would kill mice and squirrels with lightening speed in an almost absent-minded fashion.

  11. Janice in GA says:

    Holy cow, that’s one scary-ass fish! Did you notice he was still looking at you after he was back in the water — eyes up out of the water and all.

    Kinda puts the time my old Cammie dog found a dead fish in the river to shame. We had to get that away from her too.

    Great pictures. :)

  12. Riosmom says:

    Wonderful pictures! Twooie has such an expressive face and I am awed by his fishing skills. Thanks again for starting the day with a smile.

  13. Was that at East Beach?
    If you drive towards Peace Arch Border, turn right just before Duty Free Building. Go down that road (it curves right). Drive down a few minutes and find parking on the left (FREE). Find a path through the bushes and cross the railroad….. you’ll find the beach (at low-ish tide) practically all to yourself.

  14. Seriously awesome. Every single photo!

  15. Schnitzie/Andrea says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!! Twooie is amazing! And a bonus FLAMBOYANCE…airborne Wootie rules!

  16. Ha, the first time I saw a sculpin, we accidentally caught one cod fishing out here in Newfoundland. How wonderful that TWooie is talented enough to get ’em at the beach all on his own! I’m BC bound shortly; nice to see that the good weather will follow me once I return to my own border collies (the more important bcs). Also: the shot of Wootie jumping? Blissful. What a guy.

  17. Eew, that’s an ugly fish! Good job, TWooie!

    BTW, Food Lady, speaking of jumping dogs at the beach, this sure looks like Tweed:
    Is that your picture?

  18. Food Lady says:

    Nope, that’s not Tweed and that’s not my photo! Tweed has less hair, and he also can’t jump that high anymore ;-)

    Irene, don’t give away our secret fishing hole! :)

  19. Hilarious….I love all of your posts, but this one was GREAT! I love the photo of the sea monster with seaweed all over him :) Maybe it was the DexNess monster.

  20. clairesmum says:

    sculpins are nasty fish, according to clairesdad. He’s tangled with a few when fishing, and generally tries to get them back in the water before getting injured. Sorry you got hurt, but glad Twoo didn’t get hurt – would hate to put him off his fishing skills.


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