And they call it … Puppy Love

Remember this little gaffer I posted about back in January?

Look at him now!

Cruz is 8 months old now, and very handsome.  Except for this thing attached to his face.

ZOMG!  What could this be?  Another Aussie puppy in The Sadistic Household?

But wait!  He’s got a tail.  So he must be a border collie.

This is Niko, The Sadist’s new puppy, and he is indeed an Aussie with a tail.  He’s from working lines, and his breeder doesn’t hold with chopping off the bum handles, so she left it where it’s supposed to be.

To me he looks all Aussie, but I predict a long lifetime of the Sadist wanting to punch people for admiring his new “border collie.” (this makes my heart happy. Payback is a bitch! ha!)

Even the puppy is tired of being called a border collie, and he’s only 8 weeks old!  You can tell by the  sarcastic expression on his adorable little face.

He’s already a little fireball.  I predict he will be like Dexter, but with an evil, Aussie twist.

Do not let this angelic expression fool you.

Or even this one!

Are you dying yet?  Do you have EXTREME PUPPY ENVY yet?  I do!!

It’s not fair that The Sadist and his wife get two cute puppies and I get none.  NONE!

It doesn’t help that he reminds me so much of an itty bitty baby Tweedles either.  Oh to have had camera skills (and a camera!) back when Tweed was a baby :(

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  1. You had no camera skills back when Tweed was a baby? You mean there’s a vestige of a hope for me yet??? (Not that I could ever aspire to your level…).

  2. Oh, and yes, puppy fever? Thanks for just fueling my own case!!! Photos this cute should be banned from the Internet. They simply spread a wildly contagious malady.

  3. Natalie says:

    Oh my god the cute! And Cruz is absolutely gorgeous. Wow.

  4. I hope those photos bought you a year’s worth of agility lessons with the Sadist; they (and the dogs) are stunning!

  5. But…but….the itty-bitty furry…..want…..cuddles……*brain explodes*.

  6. I did not realize the aussie tail was a dock job.


  7. Evie Douglas says:

    I had a great big blue merle Aussie with a tail, and for his entire life people asked me if was a BC or an Aussie-with-a-tail. The little guy might as well get used to it.
    I can’t get over how much Tweed & my Rosie look alike! Even as puppies. Doppelgangers for sure.

  8. Oh. My. God. Baby Tweedles! That really should have come with an Excessive Puppy Cuteness® warning.

  9. @Jenn, Aussies can be born with anything from no tail to a full tail like this awesome little guy, and any length in between. So some of them are indeed ‘naturally bobbed’. Most breeders dock all tails naturally bobbed or no down to the butt because it is ‘iconic of the breed’. Madness, but nevertheless standard practice.
    That puppy is PERFECT! As an Aussie person, I have no trouble telling that he is a little Aussie boy. It is rather sad that most people don’t know the above fact and thereby assume that if it has a tail it must be a border collie. Someday someone should dock the tails on a litter of border collies just to freak people out! Imagine that conversation ‘no, he’s not an Aussie, he’s a docked border collie’.

  10. Yay for bum handles!

    He looks all Aussie to me. But then, sister-mine has an Aussie boy also from a sensible breeder who has his firmly in place. And yes, I am guessing it will fill in just fine with furrieness since Kaiser’s certainly did!

  11. Schnitzie/Andrea says:

    I was already a puddle of puppy-sick blubber on the floor, when you played dirty pool and whipped out baby Tweed!


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